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A message from Dr. Hubbard, September 9, 2020

Antioch CCSD 34 Families, 


I hope this communication finds you and your family well.


We wanted to provide a couple of important updates to start this week. If you have any questions or need anything, please reach out to a building or district administrator.


  • Return to in-person learning update:
    • The Antioch CCSD 34 Task Force Chairs and Co-Chairs continue to meet to discuss options and possible timelines for a phased-in return to in-person learning. We are in close communication with local Health Department officials and we are looking at key data points in determining when and how we might be able to begin facilitating some in-person learning opportunities. As we stated in the release of our Remote Learning 2.0 Plan, any change in our current learning model will come with a two-week lead time notification. Our committee is reconvening on Thursday, September 10, and any information from that meeting will be shared on Friday, September 11.
    • Our team is working on a data dashboard that will allow us to look at five key factors in any transition to in-person learning. We will look to provide an update on and through this tool once it is fully operational. The critical categories we are looking at are:
      • Regional Health Data Condition Status
      • PPE Supply Status
      • Facility Staffing Status
      • Facility Space Status
      • Transportation Status
    • Regarding the current Regional Health Data Condition Status, we are monitoring a couple of key indicators and engaging in weekly communication with representatives from the Lake County Health Department.
      • The Lake County School Decision Dashboard was put together for schools and we are closely monitoring three specific metrics on this site: incidence rate, COVID-like hospital admissions, and diagnostic testing turnaround time. Currently, one of these indicators recommends the fully remote learning environment, while one suggests a blended model and the other support in-person learning.
      • IDPH’s Illinois Regional COVID-19 Resurgence Criteria is the dashboard on which we monitor (daily) test positivity and hospital admissions on a 7-day rolling average. Lake County and McHenry County make up Region 9 on this map.
      • IDPH’s COVD-19 County Level Risk Metrics is where we monitor (weekly) a number of metrics, most notably, incidence rate and COVID-related deaths. Currently, both of these indicators are at the warning level, causing the county to be identified as in ‘Warning’ or ‘Orange.’
    • For our Remote Learning Supervision Centers and any potential transition to in-person learning, we are closely and strictly adhering to the IDPHCOVID-19 Exclusion Guidance Decision Tree.  
    • Additional information on next steps and decisions related to a phased transition to in-person learning will be forthcoming.
  • Handbook:
    • As part of the registration process, families sign-off on having received the Family and Student Handbook. One caveat to that signature is that the contents may be subject to change. In the interest of transparency, we wanted to let everyone know of two mandated changes to the handbook since registration. The first appears on Page 16 and is related to “School Operations During a Pandemic or Other Health Emergency.” The second appears on Page 55, connected to our Special Education services, specifically about “Related Services Logs.”
  • eLearning
    • On next week’s Board of Education agenda, there is a hearing for and vote on the Antioch CCSD 34 eLearning PlanThis is NOT related to our Remote Learning Plan. Rather, it is a plan that would allow the district to invoke eLearning in lieu of an emergency day (i.e. snow day, water main break, etc.) in the future. This plan, once approved, will be submitted to the Lake County Regional Office of Education and is good for a term of 3-years.


Have a great rest of the week. Please stay healthy, safe, and well.


Yours in Education, 


Dr. Bradford Hubbard