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COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order - Updated 3/31/2020

Antioch School District 34 Stakeholder, 


First and foremost, we miss you. We hope you and your family are safe, well, and healthy. If you are in need of anything, we hope you will reach out. Tomorrow, we will be sending our weekly Family Check-In and we encourage you to let us know how you are and how we can help.

Next, let us articulate how proud we are of our students and families. After two days of remote learning, we are hearing about meaningful connections, eager engagement, and authentic learning opportunities. With feedback and practice, we will continue to fine tune this new way of educating and building relationships with those we love, serve, and work tirelessly on behalf of…you. We have found ourselves in an environment that none of us ever could have predicted and one that is relentless in its fluidity and uncertainty. All the while, you have remained supportive, trusting, and more important than ever in our partnership.


We know that you are providing all you are able to your families in these difficult times. We are committed to helping to provide structure, learning opportunities, smiles, well wishes, support, and love. We are here for you and take solace in knowing you are there for and with us.


As many of you know, this afternoon, Governor Pritzker extended his Stay-at-Home Order through April 30. Subsequently, he shut down the on-site learning in our schools and invoked “remote learning days” through the end of the month, as well. Tomorrow, we will start by meeting with our leadership team in the morning and begin the work of meeting with our District’s experts, decision-makers, and influencers. In the end, and in moving forward, more information will be forthcoming on a plethora of topics, of which we are certain you have many questions about.


For now, stay well and keep being you. As you embark on Day 3 of Remote Learning and Day 11 of Stay-at-Home, know we are proud of and thankful for you.


If you have any questions or, more importantly, needs, please let us know.


Sincerely, thank you.


Wishing you and yours health,

Dr. Bradford Hubbard