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New Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures on 4/3/18

Dear Oakland Parents and Guardians,


            As the spring approaches, construction will begin at Oakland Elementary to create an amazing new learning environment for our K-5 students.   The construction will bring some challenges we will need to overcome in the next two years. 

            The parking area on the northwest side of the building and the north driveway will be fenced off and under construction.  As a result, buses will need to drop off and pick up in the front of the building which will create some conflict with parent drop-off/pick-up.  In addition, we are temporarily losing several parking spaces. 

            In order to manage both buses and parents using the same lot, new procedures will be put into place as of Tuesday, April 3rd.  The primary concern in developing these new procedures was student safety.  It is highly encouraged that all students take the bus whenever possible.  This will minimize traffic in the lot and maximize student safety. 


Morning Drop-Off Procedures: 


  1. Parent drop-off of students will begin at 8:15 as opposed to the current time of 8:20.
  2. Cars will enter the school lot from the Deep Lake entrance and stay to the right. Students will exit the vehicle on the passenger side at the designated drop-off point.  Please make sure to pull all the way down to the end of the drop off zone before stopping.  A staff member will be stationed here to assist. 
  3. Buses will be lining up along the left side of the school lot. Students will remain on the buses until 8:30. 
  4. At 8:29 a staff member will stop the parent drop off line and stop new cars from entering the school lot. It is important that cars do not stop on Deep Lake Road and wait.  If the school lot is blocked, please pull down to the shopping center parking lot on the southwest corner or the Antioch Township Center lot and wait until buses have disembarked. 
  5. After all car traffic has stopped, students will exit the buses and enter the building. We will be moving all students through one entrance.  The process of moving students off the buses and into the building will take several minutes.  Cars waiting in the drop-off line will not be allowed to move until ALL students from the buses have entered the building. 
  6. Once students have entered the building buses will be allowed to exit the lot and drop-off will resume.
  7. These procedures will not impact any before school activities due to the fact that buses are not in the lot at this time.



Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures:


  1. Student pick-up will not begin until the buses have departed the front lot. This will be at approximately 3:30. The Deep Lake Road entrance will be blocked until this time.  The reason for this is so there are not moving cars in the lot when students are boarding buses. 
  2. Once buses have departed, pick-up will begin following our normal procedures.
  3. Student pick-up prior to the end of the day will not be impacted as long as it occurs before 3:10.
  4. These procedures will not impact any after school activities due to the fact that buses are not in the lot at this time.


         We ask that all parents and guardians make sure this information is communicated to anyone who will be picking-up or dropping-off a child at the building.  While we understand, this will be an inconvenience, our top priority is to make sure our students are safe entering and leaving school.  Please remember, the new procedures will begin the day students return from spring break, Tuesday, April 3rd