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    What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a framework used to provide evidence-based prevention and intervention practices to support the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral success of all students. PBIS is not a curriculum but it is a framework to identify needs, develop strategies, and evaluate practice toward building a positive school culture. PBIS is a process for teaching children appropriate behavior and providing the supports necessary to sustain that behavior.

    Essential Components of the PBIS framework:

    • Data – School data is used to make strategic decisions
    • Outcomes – Focus is placed on reaching the desired outcome of academic and behavioral success for all students
    • Practices –Research-based practices are used to teach, practice, and support academic and behavior success for all students.
    • Systems – Supports and interventions are layered to provide each student with the proper level of support that they need to be successful.
MTSS Triangle
  • What are the Universal Expectations?

    Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

    At WC Petty, students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and safe in all areas of the school. Staff recognize and celebrate when students show these expectations. Each area of the school, including classrooms, have specific applications of how to show these three universal expectations. An example is below:

    LOCATION: Hallway

    Be respectful

    Walk silently

    Be responsible

    Keep moving directly to destination

    Be safe

    Stay in a single file line

    Keep body to self