Safety & Security

ALICE Certified Trainers


    District 34 Certified ALICE Trainers

    Kristina Bryk - Social Worker, Hillcrest Elementary School

    Mary Marturano - Kindergarten Teacher, Oakland Elementary School

    Brad Rudd - 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Antioch Upper-Grade School

    Tammy Johnson - Special Education Teacher, Antioch Upper-Grade School

    Amy Pieniazkiewicz-Grude - Art Teacher, Hillcrest Elementary & Oakland Elementary

    Vasiliki Frake - Director of Student Services, Antioch CCSD 34

    Maria Treto-French - Chief Financial Officer, Antioch CCSD 34

    Susan Harkins - Coordinator of Student Services, Antioch CCSD 34

    Holly Kaprosy - Principal, Hillcrest Elementary School

    Andrea Meyer - 1st Grade Teacher, Oakland Elementary School

    Stephanie Siemens - Paraprofessional, W.C. Petty Elementary School

    Melissa Orozco - Reading Interventionist, W.C. Petty Elementary School

    Ginny Smith - Early Childhood Teacher, Mary Kay McNeill Early Learning Center

    Mary Holsinger - Director of Transportation, Antioch CCSD 34


    Antioch CCSD 34 Community Safety Night - Oct. 3, 2022

    PowerPoint from the Community Safety Night - This includes questions and answers gathered from the community from that night.