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    If there is an emergency, please call the office (847-838-8301)

     MAJOR annocements will be written in this section.


    **Hey 7th graders, as some of you have been wondering - and since today is May 1st – there is some bad news and good news about rockets.  The bad news is we just don’t see a way for you to build and launch a rocket as a school experience this year.  The good news is we spoke with the 8th grade Science teachers and they see a way that you will be able to build and launch rockets in 8th grade.  Maybe near the beginning of the year.  So you have got that to look forward to.  Hang in there and have a good month of May.


    Remote Learning starts on Monday, March 30th. I will post the current weeks lessons on

    Sunday night/Monday morning. You will find everything you need on the Remote Learning tab


    You will find the assigned homework for the day in the "Homework" section.  I find it important to check my webpage each night as a reminder of what is expected of you regarding homework, studying, and preparing for class. Any important documents given throughout the year can be found in the "Important Documents" section.


    Alittle about me...

     I graduated in 2017 from Illinois State University with a major in Middle Level Education with an emphasis in science and a minor in Psychology. This is my second year at AUGS and I am so excited for the upcoming year. I love my job and am always continuing my education.

     I hope everyone had an amazing summer. I spent mine with family and friends hanging by the pool, going on bike rides, and relaxing. 

     I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

     ~Ms. Effa