• Antioch School District 34 Continuous Improvement

    View the links to the left for specific information related to our continuous improvement efforts.  View all of the presentations to staff and the Board of Education regarding continuous improvement.

    Our MISSION in District 34 is to inspire a passion for learning that empowers all students to achieve personal excellence. 

    Our VISION is that students will achieve personal excellence when everyone demonstrates:  
    • Commitment to continuous improvement
    • High expectations for academic, social, emotional and behavioral growth  
    • Effective collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity  
    • Ownership, responsibility and accountability for growth and development

    Teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership are also critical to 21st century leadership!  In Antioch, we have created a variety of shared leadership teams that align their efforts to our District strategic plan!  Our District Leadership Team, (DLT) Building Leadership Teams  (BLT) and Student Learning Teams (SLT) provide stakeholders opportunities participate in the improvement process.  (View a video example from another school's PLC meeting which is similar to D34's Student Learning Team (SLT) model).


    View a full size page of our alignment model (above) to download or print as a PDF.

     The Classroom Learning Community (CLC) encompasses 8 components designed to instill a positive and collaborative school climate and an enthusiastic, participatory 21st century learning environment focusing on being better tomorrow than we are today.  It is about instilling the belief that being “good” is never good enough and that “the biggest room in the house is the room for improvement.”

    View the video (below) from another school District that has embraced the continuous improvement model to hear teachers and administrators talk about 21st century learning and leadership through this model!