•   Miss Gitelson's Structured Learning Program (SLP) 

    Parents please
    - Send a healthy snack (fruits or vegetables) each day!
    - Check your students take home folder each night. 
    - Send a water bottle with your student each day. 
    - Send P.E shoes that can be kept at school. Students will have P.E each day!

    - Sight word folders will be sent home each week with updated information. Please practice these words with your child at home each night. 
    - When it is assigned, reading and math homework can be found in your child's take home folder.

    Upcoming Dates to Remember

    - September 4th: First day of school (early release schedule) 

    Contact Information
     Feel free to contact me throughout the school year with any questions or concerns at agitelson@antioch34.com. Our classroom phone number is 847-838-8272.