• STEM Remote Learning Menu for WEEK 8: 5/26

    2020- STEM End of Year Choice:

    To celebrate the end of the school year, during the last weeks, you can choose to spend your STEM time working on a final project about a STEM topic of your own choice. You can also choose an activity from the past that you want to work on again or improve.

    Some ideas (you can think of your own too):

    • Science: Perform experiments, build models, learn more about a topic and share what you learned
    • Tech: Create a game (code or remix), make an animation, create a music project, create a video
    • Engineering: Invent/design/build something, create or solve an engineering challenge, create a Rube Goldberg (chain reaction)

    To ask for help with your work, you can message me through Seesaw (K-2) or Google Classroom (3-5) if you need help with your project.

    Starting the last week of school, if you choose, I will help you share your project with the class.

    Email or message me if you have any questions

    Mr. VandenBos


    App Name + Ideas

    Grade Level Availability

    Code Spark: Visit “Explore” Section for ideas

    Kindergarten-1st Grade

    Scratch Jr: Visit Scratch Teach Website for Ideas

    Kindergarten-2nd Grade

    Hopscotch: Visit “Templates” + Choose Tutorial for ideas 

    3rd Grade

    Tynker: Click “Workshop” + Category + Tutorial for ideas 

    4th-5th Grade

    Info & Directions:

    • The STEM Remote Learning Menu are choices for the whole week.
    • The lesson(s) are your choice, at your pace, and can be completed at any time.
    • The goal is to continue learning and explore new things throughout the time off school
    • Submitting work in SeeSaw or Google Classroom is optional.



    Need Help?

    • If you need anything, have questions, or technical difficulties, here is my contact info:
      • Students: You can contact me through SeeSaw (K-2), Google Classroom (3-5).
      • Even if it is something simple, for example, you forgot login info for an app, you can ask for help there!
      • Parentsjvandenbos@antioch34.com -- If you have any questions or need help supporting your child, please don't hesitate to reach out via email.




    Week Schedule (by classroom teacher name)

    3rd-5th Grade Google Classroom Codes