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    iPads and Art

    I am very excited that we are a 1 to 1 district and students have the opportunity to use iPads in the art room!

    Kindergarten through 2nd grade students will begin to explore the idea of digital art using Sketches. We will learn how to import photos and layer drawings. They will also have an opportunity to share what they are doing in art with Seesaw and Artsonia. 

    Third through fifth grade students will utilize iMovie to create artist statements that incorporate art work and green screen technologies. They will also upload, respond and reflect on their work in Artsonia. Working with the music teachers, students will also create music in Garage Band that we can add to their green screen videos. Additionally, students will continue to use sketches, light camera in real time, and PS Express to name a few apps. 

    The idea I am most excited about is flipping the art room. What this means is that I can share demonstration videos with students prior to art class. They watch these videos at home and then come in ready to work, turning the art classroom into an art studio! This will allow more exploration in materials and personal development of skills and expanding the creative or Right side of the Brain!