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    Our first full day of school was a wonderful time of getting to know one another.  We spent some time discussing what we all felt was important for a successful classroom.  We went over some rules to help us respect our peers, our teachers, and school property. The rules of Oakland School are 1. Be responsible  2. Be respectful  3. Be safe.  We also learned the High 5 which includes eyes watching, ears listening,  brain thinking, heart caring, and hands and feet to yourself.  We all agreed that following these rules will help keep everyone safe and will allow everyone the opportunity to learn. We also talked about each person in our classroom is special and has so much to contribute to our class.  We enjoyed sharing some things in our lives that each of us feels makes us unique or special. Please talk about expectations at school with your child so that they know you are aware that they are being taught what is expected behaviors to make a positive learning environment. Your child may need some support with following these expectations consistently.  

    Please check the Take Home folder daily for notes, finished work, and unfinished work that needs to be returned. This folder should come back and forth with your child each day. Please take out and keep any finished work and district/teacher notes that come home to you.

    Please use the Seesaw app to communicate to me directly. I will be checking Seesaw daily. I will send most of my parent information through that management system. Please join as soon as possible. 

    As the year progresses, I will be updating this site so please check it regularly.  I am excited about getting to know each and every student.  I am looking forward to meeting you all at Curriculum Night on September 26th.

    Please feel free to contact me:





    Our Class Specials Schedule:

    • Monday: Music, P.E.
    • Tuesday: Art, P.E.
    • Wednesday:PLTW, P.E.
    • Thursday: PTLW., P.E.
    • Friday: Music, P.E.

    Our Music teacher, Mrs. Amrein, has a webpage where you can look to get some info on what the children are doing in Music class. The link is:





    Book mark this website to help with Eureka Math!



    • September 14th-Field Trip permission/money due
    • September 17-All students who read 100 minutes for the week will recieve a gold token for shining bright
    • September 18th-NWEA Map testing for reading
    • September 26th-Curriculum Night 




    • September 27th-Picture Day/NWEA Testing continues


     updated on 10/2

    • 10/2-NWEA/MAP testing-Language
    • 10/5-Yankee Candle Fundraiser ends
    • 10/11, 10/12-Hearing and Vision testing
    • 10/25-Grandparent's Day
    • 10/26-2nd grade field trip to see The Wizard of Oz
    • 10/30 Picture Retakes 


    updated on 10/8

    • week of 10/8-Fastbridge Testing
    • 10/11, 10/12-Hearing and Vision testing
    • 10/12-Scholastic Book Club order due 
    • 10/25-Grandparent's Day
    • 10/26-2nd grade field trip to see The Wizard of Oz
    • 10/30 Picture Retakes

    Most students have completed the NWEA MAP testing for reading, math, and language. I am proud of the students for working dilligenently and persevering even when it was challenging. 


    updated 10/21

    • 10/25-Grandparents and Special Guest Day
    • 10/26-Field Trip to see The Wizard of Oz
    • 10/30-Picture Retakes
    • week of 10/29-Red Ribbon/Friendship Week (schedule will be posted on Seesaw)
    • 10/31-Halloween party (Halloween flyer has been sent home) 


    Updated on 10/26

    • Week of 10/29-Red Ribbon Week-see Seesaw for schedule
    • 10/31-Halloween Parties-1:30-2:15
    • 11/9-Veteran's Day Assembly
    • 11/12-Picture Retakes


    Updated 11/2/18

    • 11/9-Veteran's Day Assembly
    • 11/12-Picture Retakes
    • 11/5-Students Take Flight program starts for identified students


     Updated 11/11/18

    • 11/12-Picture retakes
    • 11/15-Erin's Law Parent Night, 6:30-7:30@Augs library
    • 11/22-11/23-Thanksgiving break-No School
    • 11/26-School resumes
    • 12/10-Follow Wednesday early release schedule
    • 12/10-Student led-Parent Teacher Conferences, 3:00-8:00p.m.
    • 12/12-Student led-Parent Teacher Conferences, 3:00-8:00p.m. 


    Updated on 12/2/18

    • 12/7-Scholastic Book Club orders due
    • 12/10-Follow Wednesday early release schedule
    • 12/10-Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00-8:00
    • 12/12-Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00-8:00
    • 12/21-Follow Wednesday early release schedule
    • 12/24-1/1-Winter Break-No School
    • 1/2-School resumes


    • 1/16-NWEA Map Testing for reading begins
    • 1/23-NWEA Map Testing for math begins
    • Fastbridge testing


    Updated on 1/31/19

    • 2/1-Students begin writing the morning messages
    • 2/1-Kindness Challenge begins
    • 2/11-2/19-Friendship week-schedule will be sent in Seesaw
    • 2/14-Pass out Valentines in class (remember to make one for each student)
    • 2/18-President's Day-No School
    • 2/22-Erin's Law presentation



    • 3/1-updated website
    • 3/4-Spring pictures
    • 3/8-Erin's Law Presentation
    • 3/13-Stem Night
    • 3/19-2/3 Orchestra Informance 7:30-8:30 a.m.
    • 3/22-Early Release-follow Wednesday early dismissal schedule
    • 3/25-3/29-Spring Break-No school


    updated 4/27/19

    • 4/30-Math Fair 5:00-6:30p.m.
    • 4/24-NWEA Map Reading test
    • 4/20-NWEA Map Math test
    • 5/6-NWEA Map Language test
    • 5/4 Art Crawl
    • 5/27-Memorial Day-No school
    • 5/31-Last day of school for students