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  • Welcome to Miss Gorsline's Website!


    My email address is Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions, or concerns.

    We are a team to ensure your child's success in 4th Grade! If you would like to have a phone conference, we can set up a time! 



    • SNACKS must be fruits or vegetables only. I allow students to eat their snacks whenever they wish throughout the day. Our lunchtime this year is at 12:40, so I am sure they will get hungry before that! Students may also have a water bottle at their desk if they wish. 


    • I allow students to borrow one of my library BOOKS at a time, and bring them home if they wish. Our school library is also open most of the time for students to check out and return books. They are allowed 2 library books at a time from the school library. We will have a designated time each week to go to the library media center for stations, and students can also go down to check out books almost any day during independent work time if needed.


    • HOMEWORK I may assign is meant to be practice of what a child has already learned. If your child is struggling to complete homework, please let me know (or he/she can let me know) so I can help. Please feel free to stop a homework assignment if there is major frustration or if it is taking too long. (For example, 20-30 minutes on math homework is plenty of practice time.) I encourage daily reading, and consider this one of the most important "homework assignments" I will give. I know daily reading is not always possible for some due to schedules and life, so we will be setting goals to read a given number of pages or books per week/month. Please contact me with any homework concerns... I am flexible and open to discussion about this topic. One of my ultimate goals is that your child develops a love of learning! 


    • This year I will be using our newly adopted resource, OTUS, as a main source of communication with students and families. I am new to the resource this year, so please let me know if you are having trouble accessing our page once I send out the info. Click here to access the website: OTUS




    Click here to view our DAILY SCHEDULE for 2019-2020:Gorsline 2019-2020 Schedule




    • Our WRITING program is Schoolwide Writing Fundamentals. This is a workshop model where students go through the steps of the writing process, work with writing partners and small groups, and have choice in the topic of their final projects. The whole group portion of the lessons use mentor texts to study writing skills and inspire students. Click here to view: Writing Fundamentals


    • Our READING/ELA program this year is Expeditionary Learning. This program is a combination of whole group lessons, close reading, shared reading, partner reading, note taking, comprehension response practice, word study, and independent work time. I will follow the modules in order, but some of the writing will be supplemented with Schoolwide Writing Fundamentals. Click here to view the resource: Expeditionary Learning ELA Resource


    • Our MATH resource is Eureka Math. The setting will be a combination of whole group, small group, and independent work time. The workbook/homework pages are available on the Math Page of my website. Click here to view the resource online: Eureka Math Parent Tips for Each Module For math fluency we will be using Xtra Math. Xtra Math We will also use ST Math for practice with 4th Grade skills. ST Math


    • Our SCIENCE resource this year is a newly adopted program called Amplify. Click here to view the resource: Amplify Science


    • We will be using a program called Second Step for SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL lessons throughout the year. I follow the lessons in the order they are listed on this document under 4th grade: Second Step Scope and Sequence


    • For SOCIAL STUDIES we use a combination of resources. Our main focus throughout this year will be US Regions and States and Capitals.