Classroom News

  • Greetings,

    State testing continues. All students need to have headphones or earbuds for the tests


    Thursday, March 21 – Math 2 (10:00 – 11:00)

    Tuesday, April 2 – Math 3 (10:00 – 11:00)

    Wednesday, April 3 – Reading 3 (9:30 – 11:00)


    We can’t wait until Spring Break! There is only 46 days of fifth grade left. This Friday is an early release day (2:35).

    Field trip money ($10) is due on Wednesday, March 20th. You can send cash or a check made out to Oakland School.

    Please sign and return the iPad, case and accessories permission slip and return it to school. It was in our Friday folders.

    The class earned a class special activity. We voted to have a Read, Eat (Veggies and Fruit) and Storytelling time. We can bring our favorite books, magazines, comics and a favorite beach towel, blanket or pillow.

    April 4th is the last day to:

    • Order Kingfish Baseball game tickets
    • Order yearbooks ($20). Make checks out to Oakland School. If you have questions call Ms. Campbell at 847-838-8615 or email at

     Did you know that it is light out for more than 12 hours a day now? Happy Spring.

    Everyone had something to share this week.

    Erick said, “I say this week was a fun week. I learned a lot of things. I learned how to multiply fractions by unit fractions”.

    Lily said, “This week we got a new sheet of music for Band called Hoorosh. Another thing is Mrs. Latuszek saw me and was amazed how tall I was”.

    Nathan said, “This year I am having fun in Math. In PE we are doing something called scooter hockey while other people are testing unlike last year when we sat on the wall”.

    Jacquelyn said, “I’m really looking forward to summer because I get to see my cousin and go swimming and take my dogs to the dog park”.

    Isabella said, “We are all doing very well in Achieve3000, we are in 3rd place. I think we got this, but we don’t have it yet! If we win the Read to Succeed contest, we can have a pizza party. We already got an ice cream party so I think we got this!”

    Autumn said, “This week I learned how to multiply fractions. We are fitness testing in PE. We also got better placement on Achieve3000. We went from last place to 2nd place. In Science, we are learning about blood. I am looking forward to the snow melting and also Spring Break”.

    Maya said, “I know I say this almost every time, but this has been the best school year I have ever experienced. There has been so many fun activities such as that ice cream party that we had. Mrs. Kleisner doesn’t call us “classmates” she calls us a “family”. That is pretty cool in my opinion”.

    Bailee said, “This week there was drama, but it got better. We did testing in PE. We learned a new song in band. We learned about multiplying unit fractions. I can’t wait until Spring Break because my brother and I will get a ferret.”

    Nora said, “This week Mrs. Kleisner announced great news; only 2 weeks until Spring Break! I’m really excitied and I can’t wait until Spring. The bad news is that school is almost over.”

    Henry said, “I learned how to multiply fractions. I’m looking forward to spring so I can go outside”.

    Joseph said, “In Math this week I learned how to multiply unit fractions by unit fractions. I’m looking forward to summer”.

    Alec said, “I’m looking forward to Spring Break. I learned how to divide fractions by whole numbers”.

    Jayla said, “I learned I can multiply unit fractions by non-unit fractions. I look forward to hot weather”.

    Mady said, “I learned how to multiply fractions”.

    Ben said, “I can’t wait until the snow melts”.

    Jamie said, “This year I learned new things. In Math, I like how to multiply fractions. I’m looking forward to the field trip and Field Day”.

    Brett said, “I am looking forward to the snow melting and our field trip. I am also looking forward to warmer temperatures outdoors”.

    London said, “This week I learned how to multiply unit fraction by unit fraction. Then we have Spring Break in 2 weeks”.

    Mackenzie said, “We have two weeks until Spring Break! Mrs. Kleisner is the best teacher ever”.

    Colby said, “I learned that you can switch fractions to actually multiply them. We have state testing soon. Spring Break!”

    Hunter said, “We all did a good job on the curl up test”.

    Autumn 17 said, “I learned how to multiply fractions. In PE we had scooter hockey. I’m making an optical illusion in art class. We have two weeks until Spring Break. I also learned “Baby Shark” on the recorder”.

    Michalea said, “I was so happy because we are starting the Battle of the Books soon. We have 2 more weeks until Spring Break”.

    Nick said, “This week we learned about what blood does and how it works”.

    Madden said, “In Math we did multiplying unit fractions by unit fractions. It’s pretty easy (to me at least). We are also doing this really fun game in PE called Scooter Hockey”.

    Gio said, “I’m looking forward to hot weather. In Math class I finally learned how to correctly use a tape diagram for fractions”.

    That’s all folks.

    Choosing a Just Right Book

    Easy Books

    • You can read all the words
    • You understand all of the ideas
    • You have read it many time before and can read it fluently/smoothly

    Just Right Books

    • You can read almost all of the words
    • You understand most of the ideas, but there are some things that make you think
    • You’re interested in the book
    • You can read most of it fluently

    Hard Books

    • There are many words that you don’t know or understand
    • It doesn’t make sense to you
    • It’s confusing
    • You wouldn’t be able to talk to someone about what you’re reading

    Reading Silently in the Classroom

    You must always be reading a book or writing your thoughts about your reading.

    You need to work silently to enable you and your peers to do your best thinking.

    Use a soft voice when conferencing with the teacher.

    Select books by thinking about what is just-right for you.

    Record title, author, date and page numbers read in your Reading Notebook.