Classroom News



    Reminder, the Eagle Junior Leaders will be selling Valentine’s Day pencils in the lunchroom next week. The cost is $1 and all profits raised will go to shade on the new playground.

    Math end of the module tests are graded and will be going home in Friday folders.

    Friendship week is February 11th – 15th. We will start our week with an assembly and end the week with an assembly.

    Each student wrote all the names of our classmates so that we can give everyone a Valentine’s Day card next Thursday. The class would also like to make a card for our former student, Gunnar, and Ally who is a 3rd grader who we raised money for earlier this year.

    February 25th starts a week long Book Fair.

    Oakland Art Show - Wednesday, February 27th from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

    Family Reading and Game Night -  Wednesday, February 27th

    • Book Fair is open from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
    • Classroom games from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
    • Professional Drummer assembly 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    Kids Comments

    Lily said, “This week we got to choose the Battle of the Books with our group.”

    Gio said, “This week there was a lot of interesting thing that involved our class. On Monday, I learned how to multiply and divide fractions. I made a graphic novel page from the book that I am reading.”

    Jamie said, “I have learned a lot this year. I have finished ST Math and I am in Battle of the Books. I am going to take notes about the books that I read. This year has been great.”

    Bailee said, “This week we won 2 awards and today we had a very fun Social Studies lesson.”

    Nora said, “Today in Orchestra, we created an awesome band. We had 3 people play maracas., Mrs. Crawford on bass, 2 people on ukulele, some people singing and I made the video.”

    Mady said, “We got 2 rewards from our assembly. I’m  on a team for Battle of the Books.”

    London said, “This week has been the most fun. We started our own bakery and I called mine Sweet and Sour. My bus won Bus of the Month.”

    Nathan said, “In class we have been doing math and we have a bakery. It includes math problems, too. I think that you would like to be in this classroom.”

    Ben said, “We are doing something in Math. We are making a bakery.”

    Jacquelyn said, “ We started making a bakery in Math class.”

    Izzy said, “We are doing fractions. It’s really easy sometimes. It’s so nice having Mrs. Kleisner as a teacher. She is so nice. This is the best year ever.”

    Erick said, “This has been a fun year. We have been doing a lot of stuff like learning how to subtract and add fractions.”

    Henry said, “I learned next week is Friendship Week and we are going to exchange Valentine’s Day cards.”

    Maya said, “This has so far been the most awesome year ever! Class is always fun and never boring. In this class, every subject is fun. I am so excited for the rest of the year.”

    Hunter said, “We are going to work on a new thing in Math class.”

    Colby said, “I learned that you sometimes need to cross simplify and it is really, really hard. The PBIS assembly was really fun. We won 2 awards.”

    Brett said, “This week I learned in Science that panda’s eat bamboo for up to 12 hours a day.”

    Autumn said, “ Math is different. Now we have a bakery and next week is Friendship Week.”

    Nick said, “Next week is Friendship Week and next Friday is Jump Rope for Heart.”

    Madden said, “We are making bakeries in Math. My bakery is called Crakin’ Eggs.”

    Alec said, “In Math we’ve been learning about cross simplifying. It’s really fun and easy when you get the hang of it Also, in Second Steps we are learning about calming down and managing frustration.”

    Have a great day and treat everyone with kindness!

    Classroom procedures

    • Hang up your coat or jacket and backpack on your numbered hook
    • Bring your snack, water bottle, notes, work into the classroom each morning
    • Enter the room quietly and select your lunch choice
    • Safely take down your stool
    • Put your gym shoes on before 9 a.m.
    • Turn all work, notes, lunch money, etc. into the box by the teacher’s desk
    • If you have a question, put a post-it on the Parking Lot
    • Write notes to the teacher and put it in the box if something is bothering you
    • Know your time for band or orchestra lessons
    • If you arrive late, quietly enter the room and do all of the above items
    • Have a wonderful day

    Choosing a Just Right Book

    Easy Books

    • You can read all the words
    • You understand all of the ideas
    • You have read it many time before and can read it fluently/smoothly

    Just Right Books

    • You can read almost all of the words
    • You understand most of the ideas, but there are some things that make you think
    • You’re interested in the book
    • You can read most of it fluently

    Hard Books

    • There are many words that you don’t know or understand
    • It doesn’t make sense to you
    • It’s confusing
    • You wouldn’t be able to talk to someone about what you’re reading

    Reading Silently in the Classroom

    You must always be reading a book or writing your thoughts about your reading.

    You need to work silently to enable you and your peers to do your best thinking.

    Use a soft voice when conferencing with the teacher.

    Select books by thinking about what is just-right for you.

    Record title, author, date and page numbers read in your Reading Notebook.