Classroom News

  • We will start Module 2 in math class on Monday. I have sent home a parent letter outlining what the next module will cover and a homework helper packet for you.

    Gunner said, “ We learned how to do box division”. This was the way that we all learned how to divide numbers.

    Congratulations to all of the students who are passing multiplication and division levels in Xtra Math.

    “We have put up a Data Board in our classroom. In Achieve3000 our class has earned 20046 points, we have earned 83 achievements and we have done 742 activities. In ST Math our classroom average progress is 13% and the class is averaging 2.6% syllabus progress a week” said Nora.

    Grandparents Day is on Thursday, October 25th. Remember that we have limited parking and parents can attend our Halloween party on October 31st. It would be great if you dropped them off and picked them up. Grandparents will be parking in the grass in front of the school. Also, all grandparents need to pre-register so that they do not have to wait in line. There are over 75 people who will be waiting in that line as of today. Thank you for your help.

    Alec’s mom is the only parent that has told me that she will be attending our Halloween party on October 31st.  Parents have until October 26th to let me know that you will be attending. You can send party items at any time.

    Students all checked out 2 books today. Your child should be reading 25 pages a day every day to help build their vocabulary and comprehension. Remember that college starts today! Your child is the graduating class of 2026.

    Thank you to everyone for signing up to send items for the Halloween party. Here is the final list:

    Brett-plates and napkins


    Maya-hot apple cider

    Colby-strawberries and raisins

    Madden-fruit salad

    Nathan-sweet and sour pickles

    Ben-100% apple, grape and pineapple juice


    Isabella-cups and forks



    Alec-oranges with faces on them

     The parents that attended Curriculum Night signed up for Parent/Teacher conferences for Monday, December 10th and Wednesday, December 12th. These are the only two days we have for conferences. We will run on a Wednesday schedule and students will get out of school at 2:35 on both days. Conferences will start at 3:00 pm and the last conference time is 7:45 pm. Please send me an email with the time that you would like to meet. First come, first served. You can sign up for a time to have a telephone conference if you cannot come to school on one of those evenings. Here is my schedule with open slots available.

     Monday, December 10th

    3:00 Jamie

    3:15 Giovanni


    3:45 Ben

    4:00 Alec





    5:00-5:40 Dinner break


    6:00 London




    7:00 Nora



    7:45 Brett


    Wednesday, December 12th





    4:00 Henry

    4:15 Colby


    4:45 Jacquelyn


    5:00-5:40 Dinner break

    5:45 Autumn

    6:00 Mady

    6:15 Lily

    6:30 Madden

    6:45 Hunter

    7:00 Maya

    7:15 Break



    Our 5th grade concert is on Tuesday, November 6th at 7:00 pm. Students should stay with you until 6:45. At 6:45 they can come to the classroom to line up. Has your child been practicing their recorder songs?

    Here is a copy of our morning classroom procedures

    • Hang up your coat or jacket and backpack on your numbered hook
    • Bring your snack, water bottle, notes, work into the classroom each morning
    • Enter the room quietly and select your lunch choice
    • Safely take down your stool
    • Put your gym shoes on before 9 a.m.
    • Turn all work, notes, lunch money, etc. into the box by the teacher’s desk
    • If you have a question, put a post-it on the Parking Lot
    • Write notes to the teacher and put it in the box if something is bothering you
    • Know your time for band or orchestra lessons
    • If you arrive late, quietly enter the room and do all of the above items
    • Have a wonderful day

    Choosing a Just Right Book

    Easy Books

    • You can read all the words
    • You understand all of the ideas
    • You have read it many time before and can read it fluently/smoothly

    Just Right Books

    • You can read almost all of the words
    • You understand most of the ideas, but there are some things that make you think
    • You’re interested in the book
    • You can read most of it fluently

    Hard Books

    • There are many words that you don’t know or understand
    • It doesn’t make sense to you
    • It’s confusing
    • You wouldn’t be able to talk to someone about what you’re reading

    Reading Silently in the Classroom

    You must always be reading a book or writing your thoughts about your reading.

    You need to work silently to enable you and your peers to do your best thinking.

    Use a soft voice when conferencing with the teacher.

    Select books by thinking about what is just-right for you.

    Record title, author, date and page numbers read in your Reading Notebook.