Welcome to Kindergarten


    Mrs. Faily's Kindergarten Class


    Congratulations to our classroom Student of the Week PBIS Winners for self control: Clara and Benji. Great job!

    Please make sure you keep practicing the letters and sounds for October. I expect that all students be secure with all the September and October letters and sounds and high frequency words. This foundation is helpful for our reading development! Please practice these at home.  

    We are wrapping up our Module 1 in math. I am noticing that a few students are still struggling to write their numbers correctly. Extra practice at home would be helpful for all students. Writing numbers 0-10. 

    Last week we all wrote a sentence independently!!! We used our star words to write and "I see a_____." I was so proud of their efforts! They are working hard and doing a great job!

    Please notice that I placed our class newsletter on the website under the classroom news page. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will be sending conference reminders and times home soon.




    I sent out a whole class email on Sunday, October 15th. If you did not get it, would you please send me your current email. Thank you for your assistance with this.
    Reading: We have been exploring making text to self connections. This is where we read a book and try to connect with different things in the book through our own personal expariences. We also continue to review that the author writes the story and the illustrator draws the pictures.
    Letters and Sounds: We are working on our October letter, sounds and high frequency words. I would like them to be able to identify the letter and sound quickly. They should also be able to write the letter correctly.
    We have covered: a, p, i, n, s, t, h, e
    Star Words (High Frequency Words)  a, I, me, see, the, and, you, we
    *(Star words should be recognized quickly without being sounded out.)
    Writing:   We are working on drawing detailed pictures to give information. I encourage them to label their pictures with the beginning sounds or with a complete word. I also encourage writing a simple sentence for those who can. 
    Social Studies: Being a part of a community and friendship.
    Math: Counting and understanding numbers 0-10. They should practice writing their numbers at home for extra practice. I am noticing that even with all the practice we do at school, some students are still struggling to write their numbers correctly. 
    We are trying to get a deeper understanding what numbers mean. 
         For example take the number 4
                                    We can show 4 in different ways: Pictures and number sentences
        (showing four stars)     ****
        (showing 1 star, a space and then 3 stars)      *  ****              This can also be shown as 1+3=4
        (showing 2 stars, a space and then 2 stars)    **   **               This can also be shown as 2+2=4
    They are doing a great job with numbers and number sense.
    Name writing Please continue to practice name writing at home. Letter formation and daily practice is helpful to further develop hand strength and fine motor skills.
    *We have had numerous water bottle mishaps. Please make sure that the water bottle you are sending does not leak and that the lid is secure before you put it into your child's backpack.  

    We had a great week! I appreciate the familes that came to Curriculum Night! 
    I forgot to mention that if you are sending any type of note, please include your child's first and last name. For example, if you send a parent pick up note it should include my name, your child's first and last name and the date. Thank you for your assistance with this.
    At this time all students should be able to recognize the letters in their name. Please help reinforce and practice writing their names the correct way. If your child is struggling to know all the letters in their name, please practice at home each day.
    We have covered letters A, S, T and I
    We will learn about letters P and N this week.
    Each week we learn the letters and the sounds! They should know them if you ask them. If they do not recognize the letters or the sounds that we have covered, please practice at home to help support them.
    We have also explored putting letters together to make words and words together to make a sentence!!
    Our star words: I, a, see  
    In math we are beginning to discuss numbers and their hidden friends. For example, 5 is made up of the hidden numbers 1,4 and 2,5.
    We have also discussed sorting items based on having the same color, shape or size. We discussed that some things are exactly the same and other things are different.
    I notice that we need extra practice on our handwriting. Any extra coloring or printing their name would be helpful.
    Please help your child learn how to tie their own shoes. If they are struggling, I would suggest getting them some velcro shoes.   
    Please remember to label your child's snack! Literally write snack on the snack. It can be very confusing what should be consumed during lunch and what they should eat for snack! Thank you for you attention to this matter.
    Extra Support
    One area that I could use some support from you all is to help make sure your student can tie their shoes. Also, if you send any money please put it in an envelope with my name, your child's name and what it is for. I am having to do this when money is just put into their folders and it is hard to do this and get them to specials on time. Thank you for you help.

    Practice Skills

    Skills: tying shoes, zipping up backpack, how to button jacket and pants

    Our Specials Schedule
    Monday- Music and PE
    Tuesday- STEM and PE
    Wednesday- Music and PE
    Thursday-Art and PE
    Friday- Music, Library and PE


    Please remember to read over our NEW snack policy.  

    ONLY fruits and vegetables will be allowed!  Also, please send your child with a water bottle for snack time. A water bottle is not required. Having a bottle in class just makes it more readily available without your student having to leave the classroom.


    Contact Mrs. Faily

    If you ever need to contact me, the classroom number is 838-8256 and my email address is vfaily@antioch34.com

    Please feel free to contact me at any time. 

    Please remember that the best times to reach me during the school day are before 8:20 and after 3:15 (M,T,Th,F) and before 8:20 and after 2:30 (W). Otherwise, I am with your students.  If it is an emergency, please contact the office and they will get the message to me.