Welcome to our kindergarten class!!

    Scroll to the bottom for our an outline of our weekly schedule. More specifics are set out over the weekend for the week to come VIA SeeSaw.

    I am excited to start a new year and get to know all my little kinders. This year is going to be strange and different for everyone. Mistakes will be made and we will learn from them, moving forward. We will work together and make it the best kindergarten year for your little student! I join you as a fellow parent because my oldest daughter is starting 4K and going on site to school. I understand the feeling of not knowing what the best choice is. This year, more than ever before you and I are going to have to work as a team. I need you. Your child needs you! We can do it. 

    For now, lets pledge to be open, communicative, and flexible.

    I will do my best. :-)



    The BEST way(s) to get in contact with me is my email tbrussaly@antioch34.com OR (once you pick up your things on the 18th) our class SeeSaw app/site. You can direct message me right from your personal device with the SeeSawParent app. (logins and "how to's" will be sent out when they become available)


    Social Emotional:


    This message is to all Kinder parents-This is going to be different this year because so much will be isolated at home- but I'm hoping to figure out ways for your child to make friends and make connections over the internet!:


    Please know that this is a HUGE part of kindergarten and I will do my best to help your child learn to appropriately act/respond in a classroom setting but this learning STARTS AT HOME! I cannot do it without you and your support. Academic learning simply doesn't happen if our kids are struggling to function in class.

    Some things to keep in mind at home that help in school:

    --Manners! "Please" and "Thank you" and "Excuse me" go a long way.

    --Patience/Waiting and realizing your child is in a class with 20 others. I will do my best to nurture your child but sometimes your child will simply have to wait their turn. 

    --Let your child experience failure and guide them through how to handle the emotions that go with it. Example- play a board game and let them lose! 

    --If we don't have anything nice to say, don't say it! (this is something learned through setting a positive example at home)

    --Be kind to each other and considering the others in our classroom when we get upset or angry. Everyone is there to learn.

    --Perseverance- when things get hard try again. (Give them hints if they need) but things are learned the best through overcoming struggles.

    --Learning to solve problems INDEPENDENTLY. This can be supported at home by simply allowing TIME for your child to think, try, and try again when there is a problem. (asking for help is also a good skill if they simply can't do it)


    Tattling vs. Reporting, VS being rude

           Bullying(REPEATED verbal or physical abuse over time) vs. Bugging (making noises etc.) vs being rude (one/limited occurances of unkind words or actions)

           We follow the STOP, WALK, TALK model to handle tough situations on our own by 1. Respectfully asking bullies or buggers to stop. 2. walking away and if those don't work.... THEN  3. Tell the teacher. We want to empower kids to solve probelms on their own... as long as no one is hurt or sick or in danger.


    Things to donate to our classroom

    Band-aids (when we go back to onsite learning)

    Donate to our TeachersPayTeachers class fund to buy things for our class. Click here

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