Hillcrest PBIS

  • All students participated in reviewing our Hillcrest behavior expectations through our PBIS Cool Tools when they came back from Winter Break. To celebrate what a great job they did in demonstrating appropriate behavior, all students got to dance together using our “Just Dance” program. Check out the video of this celebration!


    Our PBIS bulletin board, located in the main entrance, highlights some of our students demonstrating expected behaviors at Hillcrest.  Way to go!




    Be Safe               Be Respectful             Be Responsible

    Hillcrest Elementary School will:


    ü Teach and reinforce positive school behavior to follow school rules

    ü Create a predictable environment and use consistent language, interventions, and consequences

    ü Promote a positive school climate with a shared responsibility of all staff

    ü Develop the relationship between our school, parents, and community

    ü  Promote a safe environment, responsible learners, and respectful students



    Be Safe      Be Respectful     Be Responsible


    What is PBIS?


    Hillcrest School was implementing PBIS last year and this year we were chosen by the PBIS program to become a training facility for those that are just learning about PBIS. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. The PBIS model is used as a means of encouraging positive behavior throughout the school. Students are encouraged to be SAFE, RESPECTFUL, and RESPONSIBLE. When students are observed following these expectations, they can receive a “Gotcha”.