• We've made it! These are the last three days of your child's first grade year. Thanks for your continued support. Not the way anyone intended the year to go but relieved we are all safe and well. It has been a joy working with your child this year and being a partner with you in their learning. Enjoy your summer and I hope to see us all back in the fall!

    ~Dr. Walshire

    P.S. Don't forget to complete the iPad summer user and guideline agreement.

  • Monday, May 25

    No School-Memorial Day

  • Tuesday, May 26

    First Grade Student Supply Drop-off and Pick-up, 12:00-3:00

    Come to WC Petty and drive through our pick-up line. Please remember to bring anything you need to return to the school (teacher books, library books, etc.) as we will have a station for drop-off of these items. School staff will come to your window to deliver your child’s materials from the classroom.

    Joke of the Day -What did the glue say to the teacher?

    ABC Countdown: X-tra Recess Day-Enjoy extra time outside

    Read Aloud with Activity

    • Drawing with Mo Willems will be in Seesaw 

    Memory Book Activity

    • Complete Day 1 of First Grade Memory Book, will be in Seesaw

    Writing Activity

    • Write a letter to the students entering first grade next year

    Petty Pride

    • Log on to Lexia on iPad for 20 minutes

    Joke of the Day - What did the glue say to the teacher? I’m stuck on you! (Ha! Ha!)

  • Wednesday, May 27

    Joke of the Day-What flies around the first grade room at night?

    ABC Countdown: You Day-Show off what makes you so unique

    Read Aloud 

    •  The Night Before Summer Vacation read aloud will be on Seesaw

    Read and Sequence: 

    • My Glow Bug will be in Seesaw

    Memory Book Activity

    • Day 2 of First Grade Memory Book, will be in Seesaw


    • Mystery Science-Why do zebras have stripes? will be in Seesaw 

    Joke of the Day - What flies around the first grade room at night? The alpha-bat! (Ha! Ha!)

  • Thursday, May 28

    Last Day of School

    Joke of the Day - 

        Knock, knock

        Who's there?


        Orange who?

        Orange you glad we are out of school?

    ABC Countdown: Zoom off to summer break!

    Memory Book 

    • Day 3 of First Grade Memory book will be in Seesaw 

    Read Aloud 

    •  When It’s the Last Day of School read aloud will be in Seesaw