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    Welcome to Mrs. Massman's Art Webpage!


    Welcome back to school. It has been great to see familiar faces and siblings. This school year I am teaching at AES and Hillcrest. So, I will see all AES students and all Hillcrest K-1students.  I meet with students for Art throughout the school year, once a week for thirty minutes.

    At Hillcrest, I plan on introducing students to new art mediums and techniques. We will be inspired by other artists, books and our imaginations!

    This year 2nd - 5th grade students will create projects that incorporate artists’ works, art history and self-expression. Students will also work with various medias and learn different art techniques. 

    Students have be working on their first art projects of the year and art challenges with determination and problem-solving skills. I love to show my students' art work. So, look for student artwork when you come to school!

    Another way to view your child's art work is through artsonia, an online gallery.  Check out what artsonia has to offer at: .  Last year was my first year using artsoina for 2nd grade- 5th grade. This year, I plan on adding my K-1 students from Hillcrest, too.  If any parents form Hillcrest can volunteer an half hour to help with artsoina, that would be great! Or if you have any questions please contact me at:  

     Cheers to the new school year, Mrs. Massman