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     Welcome to Mrs. Summerville's classroom website!




    If you have any questions please contact me at anytime.  The best way of getting in contact with me is through e-mail.  My e-mail is  If you send an e-mail with news that you want me to know right away it is best to send it prior to 7:30 am because once our day gets going I won't check e-mails until lunch time which is 11:50-12:35.  



    ***On the Kindergarten supply list we asked for each child to bring in 2 packages of thin black dry erase markers.  If you brought in 2 packages great!  If not if you could please send both packages in as soon as possible.  Please don't send in colored dry erase markers. The brand that works the best is Expo.  Dry erase markers are something we use everyday in class so we go through them fairly quickly.  


    Things that we can always use in the class are Play-Doh, small prizes for the prize box, animal stickers, and any other kind of noun sticker.  If you could send in these items it would be much appreciated!