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    My name is Barb Scheuerman.  I am a Special Education Resource Teacher, LBS1, and entering my 18th year of teaching Special Education at Hillcrest Elementary.  I am excited and a bit overwhelmed (if I’m being totally honest…I’m more than a bit overwhelmed) as we enter this very different school year.  However, with three words of focus this year…patient, flexible, supportive…I know we can do this together!

    As your child’s case manager, I will be in communication with you as we move forward in creating a Remote Learning Plan for your child.  I will be posting my schedule that will include a link for you to reference for your child’s resource services…*I will contact you when the schedule is posted. I will also be contacting you to help guide you step-by-step as it relates to your child’s services.  In the meantime, it is important that you and your child have time to receive instruction from the general education classroom teacher and time to practice the technology that will be used on a daily basis.  This is a process; please don’t pressure yourself, and thus your child, to rush through this.

    If you need me for any reason, please contact me via e-mail; this is the most efficient way to communicate with me. 

    We’re in this together!!!  


    Barb Scheuerman

    Phone: 847-838-8000 (ext. 8273)