Me, Julia, Cooper and Tilly

About me



    Hi! I am Coach Ramsland, and here is just a little bit about me...

    I have been here at AUGS for 18 years. I am currently teaching 6th grade PE and health. Before PE/Health I taught Science!!. I LOVE teaching 6th grade Health and PE because it is truly something I feel passionate about!! It is my hope that students leave AUGS with a desire to live well and make good choices that will benefit them for the rest of their lives!! 

    I grew up in Champaign, IL. and attended the University of Illinois as an undergraduate studying exercise science and kinesiology.  I continued my education at Eastern Illinois University and earned my Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology.  Prior to getting my second Master's in Teaching and becoming a science teacher I worked in  cardiac rehabilitation at a hospital helping heart and lung patients.

    I have 2  awesome children of my own, that love sports, exercise and eat healthy. My son, Jackson graduated from Winona State University in Minnesota in 2019. He majored in Public Health and Nutrition, and is currently working in his field in Winona, MN. He also plays in 3 bands! My daughter Julia is a year younger, now 24, lives at home with me. She was in a serious car accident on her way home from cheer and tumbling team practice at age 17. She continues her miraculous recovery; she takes classes at MCC and participates in many activities. She is passionate about life and seems to be wired to spread kindness and gratitude to all she meets. We live together in Richmond, IL. with our  dog and Tilly Skoog. My husband passed away in 2019. 

    I coached Power tumbling and trampoline year-round at FireHouse Gym. At AUGS, I am coaching girls softball, 8th grade girl's basketball, Science Olympiad and Track and Field. I enjoy being outdoors, biking, hiking, gardening, camping, skiing, walking, walking my dog, jogging, sand volleyball, and I am a certified scuba diver.

    I enjoy teaching especially middle school students because everyday is a new experience! As you can see I have a very colorful personality! I really hope that you have fun and learn a lot in this year!