Hello Students and Parents,

    Welcome to Remote Learning 2.0!

    I will be posting all assignments in Google Classroom for the entire time that we are working remotely.  Please use the following access code that corresponds to your grade and class hour.  You are able to check in Google Classroom for any and all updates to assignments.  


    Google Classroom Class Codes:

    1st Hour 7th Grade Art:  4voagom

    2nd Hour 8th Grade Art:  xobetdf

    4th Hour 7th Grade Art:  vpv3rsv

    7th Hour 8th Grade Art:  vo4yea6

    8th Hour 6th Grade Art:  46axfcd


    Please remember when working and turning in art projects:

    • Take your time while doing art work and do a good job with your craftsmanship
    • Using your ipad, take a good photo of your work, no shadows, edit and crop before turning in. 
    • Send to me in Google Classroom.
    • If you have any difficulties Click this link and email: LLeyman@antioch34.com

    Assignments on Google Classroom