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  • Hello!

    In this section you will see a few things.  Each day, I share what we did that day, any homework we have (can also be found on the 6th knight's team hw page), and any attachments for homework.  Please check my website EACH DAY, absent or not!

    Everything you need is on THIS page!  Just keep SCROLLING down for older information.  NEWEST information is at the top (Just below this).  HOMEWORK that is newly assigned will be bolded in RED. Older homework will be bolded in PURPLE.

    Wednesday 3/20: Today we completed 1.4 including the homework. Some of us began or continued working in 1.5.

    HOMEWORK: None

    Tuesday 3/19: Today we worked on Amplify 1.4, one class worked on 1.5.

    HOMEWORK: none

    Monday 3/18: Today we worked on Amplify: Phase Change, 1.4.  We read some interesting articles about how water is "weird" in regards to phase change. Each student had to read one article and make annotations. Throughout the class, there were four articles read, each student read one of the four.  Some of us got to the homework today, some will do it in class tomorrow.

    HOMEWORK: Amplify 1.4 part 4 (in the SIM, follow the directions to take screen shots of tracked molecules in each phase: solid, liquid, and gas) Then answer the questions. 

    Tuesday 3/12, Thursday 3/14, Friday 3/15: IAR testing

    Wednesday 3/13: Today we reviewed our Chemical Reactions Science End of Unit Assessment. We will start back on our Phase Change unit on Monday.


    Monday 3/11: Today we had a sub.  We watched a video-How species go Extinct.  It was sad :(


    Friday 3/8: Today we finished Amplify 1.3 of the Phase Change unit.  We used the Phase Change SIM to complete a task. We then completed our homework assignment, in class. If you were absent:

    HOMEWORK: Amplify Phase Change 1.3 part 5 (HW)-Reviewing Molecule Models (you will have needed to complete the drawn molecule model received in class, for this assignment.  You will analyze the model and reflect on how you could change it.

    Thursday 3/7: Today we worked on Amplify Phase Change 1.3.  We worked on creating a model of what molecules do in different phases. We then worked with a partner to explore a simulation that shows us how molecules beahve.  Tomorrow we will use this simulation to complete a specific task.  

    HOMEWORK: None

    Wednesday 3/6: Today we began Amplify Phase Change Chapter 1.3.  We did the warm up and then discussed macro scale versus molecular scale and examples of each.  We described the things all solids have in common, all gases have in common, and all liquids have in common.  In exploring phase change here on Earth, we will gain some perspective to be able to critically think and problem-solve why the lakes of methane on Titan (Saturn's moon) are disappearing. We conducted a brief demonstration to show phase change.  

    HOMEWORK: None

    Tuesday 3/5: Today we finished Amplify-Phase Change: 1.2.  

    HOMEWORK: Read article-"Air Pressure and Boyle's Law" 5 annotations and answer both article questions (1.2 part 4).

    Monday 3/4: Today we started a new unit, Phase Change!  We were introduced to a new problem, that is REAL science, that REAL scientists are working on solving! A certain "lake" on Saturn's moon, Titan, has disappeared.  We will be working to solve this problem as student chemists. 


    Friday 3/1: Today we took our final Chemical Reactions Assessment. If you were absent you will need to make this assessment up ASAP during success next week.

    HOMEWORK: Amplify 4.3 part 4, SAW (Due Monday)

    Thursday 2/28: Today we finished our Science Seminar and some of us were able to begin ur Scienctific Argument Writing (SAW) to use evidence and reasoning to support a claim.  Tomorrow we have an assessment, it's our final assessment for the Chemical Reactions unit


    • SAW due Monday 3/4
    • PREPARE FOR TOMORROW'S ASSESSMENT (you can do this by going into to Amplify, 2.4-I have unlocked our previous assessment for you to prepare with, the two tests review the same material

    Wednesday 2/27: Today we continued our science seminar.  The students were doing a GREAT JOB sharing their claims and supporting evidence and reasoning! We will finish our seminar tomorrow.


    Tuesday 2/26: Today we began our Science seminar to decide, based on evidence and our understanding of chemical reactions, which suspect is guilty of making the hydroflouric acid, to steal the diamond! 


    Monday 2/25: Today we finished Amplify 4.2 


    Friday 2/22: Today we continued to work on Amplify 4.2


    Thursday 2/21: Today we worked on Amplify 4.2 and got through half of part 3.  We will finish Amplify 4.2 tomorrow.  


    Wednesday 2/20: Today we worked on homework and make up work. 

    HOMEWORK: NONE (ALL late work due by Friday!)

    Tuesday 2/19: Today we began Amplify 4.1 and we are working on solving a crime! As forensic vhemists, we will figure out who stole the diamond from the Westfield museum!

    HOMEWORK: NO NEW HW, all late work due by FRIDAY 2/22!

    Friday 2/15: Today we worked on our Scientific Arguement Writing (SAW).  Most finished in class.

    Homework: Amplify 3.4 parts 4, 5, and 6

    Thursday 2/14: Happy Valentines Day! Today we reviewed our homework for 3.3 and began 3.4 

    HOMEWORK: Amplify 3.4 part 3 (Atomic model drawing)

    Wednesday 2/13: Today we had a sub.  We finished Amplify 3.3


    Tuesday 2/12: Today we finished the black holes video and we started lesson 3.3


    Monday 2/11: Today we watched a video about Black Holes! We will finish it tomorrow if we did not finish it today. 


    Friday 2/8: Today we worked on chapter 3.2. We reread parts of the article about how fuel burns and discussed our annotations with a partner. 

    HOMEWORK: 3.2 part 5

    Thursday 2/7: Today we worked on completing Amplify 3.1 and some classes started 3.2  We had some GREAT discussions about the article we read, called What Happens When Fuels Burn? 

    Homework: NONE

    Wednesday 2/6: Today we started chapter 3 of the Chemical Reaction unit. We discussed the possiblility of there being another substance in Westfield's water supply.  

    HOMEWORK: 3.1 part 3: read article and make 7 annotations. Annotations must span the WHOLE article. Try to ask DEEP questions, versus yes/no questions. 

    Tuesday 2/5: Today we finished 2.5 in Amplify-Chemical Reactions. We also took some time to pass back work, work on late work, and play some games!


    Monday 2/4: Today we worked on chapter 2.5 in our Chemical Reactions Unit, which is the halfway point in the unit. 

    HOMEWORK: Amplify Chemical Reactions 2.5, parts 4 AND 5

    Friday 2/1: Today we reviewed our Scientific Argument Writing.  We also had work passed back and finished reviewing the critical juncture assessment.  We worked on any late work we had.  Only two weeks left in the trimester!  ALL LATE WORK DUE by FRIDAY 2/8!


    Wednesday/Thursday 1/30-1/31:

    Cold days, no school!

    Tuesday 1/29: Today we read an article about the chemistry of the cool fireworks we see in the sky! 

    HOMEWORK: Complete "before and after" packet for article. 

    Monday 1/28: NO SCHOOL

    Friday 1/25: Today we reviewed our critical Juncture Assessment.

    Homework: NONE

    Tuesday 1/22-Thursday 1/24: Critical Juncture Assessment.

    HOMEWORK: None

    Friday 1/18-Monday 1/21: NWEA test in Science


    Thursday 1/17: Today we took our Chemical Reactions vocabulary quiz.  If you missed this quiz you will need to make it up during sccess ASAP.


    Wednesday 1/16: Today we did a Kahoot review for our Chemical Reactions Vocabulary Quiz, which is tomorrow (Thursday).  We then were given time to study with a partner or independently.  I have attached the vocabulary study list here-

    Vocabulary List

    The quiz will be matching and multiple choice.

    We also turned in our Scientific Argument Writing (SAW), our peer revision sheet, and our atomic model drawing.

    HOMEWORK: Study for vocabulary quiz!

    Tuesday 1/15: Today we used class time to write our Scientific Argument Writing (SAW).  We then had to have someone else check to see if we met the expectations of the assingment and make revisions if necessary.  Help is found below under Monday's post and you can click here for the Essay Revision Checklist


    • SAW
    • SAW revision (MUST have SOMEONE read it and fill out the checklist)
    • Read the article and answer the 1 and only question in Amplify 2.3 part 5 (click next for the article)

    Monday 1/14: Today we began Amplify lesson 2.3 in the Chemical Reactions Unit.  Tomorrow we will finish parts 4 and 5 in class. Here is help for part 4: the Scientific Writing Argument (SAW)


    Start with claim/word for word (2 points)

    Use evidence to support your claim (2 points)

    Use reasoning to suppor your evidence (1 point)

    Consider using sentence starters when stating your evidence.

    Lastly, restate the claim again-word for word (2 points)

    USE ALL 7 VOCABULARY WORDS! (3.5 points/.5 each)

    Homework: NONE

    Sunday 1/13: Recent homework is graded and in PS.  If PS shows you are missing, either:

    A) You turned it in on paper and I will enter it into PS on Monday, or

    B) You didn't do it, or click hand in.  After Wednesday 1/16-it will be a zero, and then only worth half credit. 

    Friday 1/11: Today we reviewed our homework and had some quiet catch up time.

    HOMEWORK: None

    Thursday 1/10: Today we completed Amplify-Chemical Reactions 2.2.  We did a partner activity in which we used science vocabulary to model and explain how atoms rearrange from reactants to products to form a chemical reactions.  

    HOMEWORK: Amplify 2.2 HW (most likely finished in class)

    Wednesday 1/9: Today we continued to work on Amplify-Chemical Reactions 2.2.  We wil finish it up tomorrow.


    Tuesday 1/8: Today we reviewed our homework and the article we read on Amplify yesterday, about synthetic medicines being made in the lab by scientists, based on natural medicines found in the rain forests. We discussed our annotations, our questions, the main idea, and WOW moments of the article in an activity called Mix-Pair-Share.  Some of us started Amplify Chemical Reactions 2.2.


    Monday 1/7: Today we completed chapter 2, lesson 2.1 in Amplify.  We had the class period to complete our homework.

    HOMEWORK: Amplify-Chemical Reactions-Chapter 2-Lesson 2.1-Part 5 (HW)

    Read and annotate article (5 annotations) and answer the three questions FROM THE READING.  No guessing! (8 points)

    Friday 1/4: Today we continued working on Amplify, Chemical Reactions-lesson 2.  We will complete it Monday.

    HOMEWORK: None

    Thursday 1/3: Today conducted a lab to answer our investigation question: Can substances change into different substances? If you missed this lab you need to make it up during success.

    HOMEWORK: Make up lab if missed (Amplify: Chemical Reactions,  2.1 parts 1 and 2)

    Wednesday 1/2: Today we celebrated Drop Everything And Read day (DEAR)!  In my class, we watched FROZEN! And we read the first chapter of Hans Christian Anderson's: The Snow Queen.  We also spent a period reading our own book, we watched some book trailers, and we played a book 1st lines Kahoot.  It was a blast!

    HOMEWORK: None

    Friday 12/21: Today we had a VERY short schedule and a fun assembly!

    Thursday 12/20: Today we finished watching Elf.  All Scientific Argument Writing assignments are graded. Students who used the resources I gave them and had peers edit their work, did very well.  


    Wednesday 12/19: Today we watched a very important Science video!  And by "very important Science video", I mean we started watching ELF :)  We will finish tomorrow.

    HOMEWORK: Late/missing work!

    Tuesday 12/18: Today we did our CO2 Rocket lab!  This our first experimentation with chemical reactions. Mostly, we worked on showing good lab skills of safety, responsibility, and respect.

    HOMEWORK: None

    Monday 12/17: Today we ran a practice lab for tomorrow's lab, to familiarize ourselves with the procedures and safety expectations.  


    Friday 12/14: Today we watched an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy!  On atoms and molecules.


    Thursday 12/13: Today we were given an explanation and resources to help us be successful in our Scientific Argument Writing. You can view the resource given here:

    SAW help

    Homework: Scientific Argument Writing (SAW) due tomorrow!  You must have SOMEONE read it to help you revise! No revisions will be allowed. 

    Wednesday 12/12: Today we did a mini white board review of Amplify 1.6.  We then completed part 3 of 1.6, then we were introduced to the assignment that will be due Friday.

    HOMEWORK: None

    Tuesday 12/11: Today we worked on Amplify 1.6, parts 1, 2, and 3. 


    Monday 12/10: Today we finished up our virtual reality activity and worked on turning in late/missing work.

    HOMEWORK: Complete and turn in late/missing work

    Friday 12/7: Today we reviewed our homework for Amplify 1.5 and then we explored with virtual reality!  We were able to enter a virtual world where we were as small as an atom!  We got to see the atoms of a diamond and the atoms of a pencil!  Anyone who did not get their tunr today can take a turn on Monday. 

    HOMEWORK: None

    Thursday 12/6: Today we worked on Amplify 1.5, completing part 2.  If you were absent, complete parts 2, 3, and 4.  5 is optional.

    HOMEWORK 12/6: Amplify 1.5, parts 2 & 3

    2: Reread part of article, view diagrams and pictures and annotations you have made, then answer the question.

    3: Self-explanatory on Amplify, paper copy below.  Bring any questions to class.  Do your best to complete this and we will take time in class tomorrow to review. 

    Part 4

    Wednesday 12/5: Today we comtinued talking about scale.  We watched a video called Powers of Ten, watch it here! 

    Powers of Ten Video

    We then began Amplify 1.5, we started with the warm up and will comtinue tomorrow.

    HOMEWORK: none

    Tuesday 12/4: Today we finished up Amplify 1.4 by discussing our annotations from the article we read with the class.  First, we shared with a partner.  Then, we discussed as a class. We then spent some more time exploring with the Zoom-in Scale tool.  This gave us an idea of how things are scaled up or down in size for easier view and comprehension of comparison sizes. 


    Monday 12/3: Today we did Amplify 1.4 which included a warm up, a short video, annotating an article, and homework (part 4).

    HOMEWORK: Amplify 1.4, 6 annotations in the article and part 4 (HW) Video link is below:

    Video: Everything is Made of Atoms

    Friday 11/30: Today in each core class, students worked on self-reflection and self-assessments to prepare for PT conferences.  If absent, please fill this out, even if you don't think your parents will come to PT conferences. 

    HOMEWORK: PT Conference sheet/self-assessment

    Self-Assessment in Science

    Thursday 11/29: Today we worked on and completed Amplify 1.3

    Homework: Amplify 1.3 attached below

    Amplify 1.3 Homework

    Wednesday 11/28: Today we worked on Amplify 1.2 and began 1.3


    Tuesday 11/27:Today we had a sub and we worked on our video/worksheet activity- Hunting the Elements.

    HOMEWORK: Complete second side of Hunting the Elements Worksheet, Google video.

    Monday 11/26- SNOW DAY!


    Wednesday 11/21: Today we met Mrs. Hudson's brother!  We enjoyed a day of fun games!  And NO technology!

    Tuesday 11/20: Today we began watching the video, Hunting the Elements.  We are asnwering questions on a worksheet as we go.  Here is the link for the video:

    Hunting the Elements Video

    Monday 11/19: Today we had a substitute teacher.  We completed Amplify 1.2 and then read and analyzed an article from a ScienceWorld magazine. 

    HOMEWORK: Complete Amolify 1.2, "hand in".

    Friday 11/16: Today we worked on Amplify 1.2

    We got as far as observing substances.  We will continue with 1.2 part 3 on Monday.

    HOMEWORK: None

    Thursday 11/15: Today we began a new unit, Chemical Reactions-lots of labs!  We began with a new seating arrangement and took an ungraded, pre-assessment for the unit.  

    HOMEWORK: Optional extra credit assignment due TOMORROW BY 3PM! See yesterday's entry below for the assignment and an example.

    Wednesday 11/14: Today Mrs. Savell was our substitute teacher.  We finished watching the video, "Accidental Inventions".  See the attachment below for the optional extra credit assignment, due FRIDAY 11/16.

    Homework: Optional Extra Credit Assignment

    Assignment Directions

    Assignment Example

    Tuesday 11/13: Today we went over our assessment.  Grades are entered in PowerSchool.  We then began a video on "Accidental Inventions". We will finish the video tomorrow.

    Homework: NONE!

    Monday 11/12: Today we conducted Veterans Day activities in class. This does not need to be made up if you were absent, but I hope you took some time to honor our Veterans. 

    Homework: NONE

    Friday 11/9: Today we took our Harnessing Human Energy Assessment.  If you were absent, you will need to take it when you return. 


    Thursday 11/8: Today we played a Kahoot to review for our assessment TOMORROW. In preparation, we also were given a hw assignment which models the type of questions that students will be asked to write about on the assessment.

    Homework: Assessment Writing Preparation Assignment DUE TOMORROW! Linked below:

    Assessment Writing Prep

    Wednesday 11/7: Today we worked on revising our SAW, 3.3 

    Homework: Review my notes/comments/directions/example and revise your SAW 3.3 by Thursday at 3PM. Whatever I have from you at that time is the grade you keep for the assignment. 

    Example: SAW example


    Tuesday 11/6: Today we worked on our homework in class.  Please note that about 90% of you will need to revise this assignment.  TYime will given in class, Wednesday.

    HOMEWORK: Revise SAW 3.3 by THURSDAY 3pm.

    Monday 11/5: Today we completed Amplify 3.3  We sorted quality evidence, chose a claim that was supported by the evidence, and gave reasoning for the evidence.  We filled out the reasoning tool (part 3) Use the reasoning tool for homework (part 4).

    Homework: Write a Scientific Argument.  Respond to Principal Brown.  Follow the directions on part 4 of 3.3. I have attached 3.3 here-

    Scientific Argument Writing 3.3

    Friday 11/2: Today we began Amplify 3.3.  We got through part 2, sorting quality evidence. We will continue on Monday.

    Homework: None

    Thursday 11/1: Today we had a field trip to Lakes High School to see the play, Sleepy Hollow!  While at school, we did literacy activities regarding the play.  We attended our normal encores, lunch, and success. 

    Homework: none

    Wednesday 10/31: Happy Halloween!  Today in Science class: we had a dance party, we had a costume contest, then we did a blind mummy drawing contest, then in a circle we created a one-word at a time, spooky hallween story. And lastly-we voted on a creepy science video to watch, and each class voted the same video! Zombie Parasites! Have fun tonight, and be safe :)


    Tuesday 10/30: Today we finished the hurricane video, played a Kahoot, received work back, and had some time for study hall/homework completion. 


    Monday 10/29: Today we had a substitute teacher.  We watched a PBS.Org video on the energy that creates hurricanes.  We discussed how these types of natural disaters occur and how they affect humanity. 


    Friday 10/26: Today we played a Kahoot (period's 1 and 2) and we completed our report to the rescue workers!

    Homework: Ampify 3.2

    Thursday 10/25: Today we completed our designs and did a gallery walk in class to learn about others' designs and share our own.  We then discussed our process and how our design solution answers the unit question, How is it possible to charge electrical devices when the power is out? We then began our homework, 3.2-Designing a solution and writing a report to the energy team.  The directions are linked below.

    HOMEWORK: 3.2 Amplify (only Period 1-2), Periods 5, 6, and 7 will do this in class tomorrow. 

    Wednesday 10/24: Today we began to build models of our energy system designs!  We will continue/complete this tomorrow. Amplify 3.2


    Tuesday 10/23: Today we used our brainstormed ideas to settle on o ne design idea in our group, for the energy team's rescue needs.  We then made a sketch of our design and completed and energy transfer diagram.  Tomorrow we will practice building a design. Amplify 3.2

    Homework: NONE (done in class)

    Monday 10/22- Today we reviewed the energy systems we read about previously. Today we brainstormed ideas for energy systems that will help the rescue team!  You can complete your brainstorm list in Amplify-Chapter 3, lesson 1, section 5.

    HOMEWORK: Brainstorm ideas for the rescue team's energy needs. HAND IN!

    W/Th/F- (10/17, 10/18, 10/19) We had a sub while Mrs. Hudson was at Camp Timber-Lee with the 8th graders!  We watched the movie, The Sandlot!


    Tuesday 10/16:

    Today we worked on lesson 3.1 of Amplify.  We read four short articles on devices that capture human energy.  We evaluated how the systems tranferred and converted energy to make a generator move, and if we thought each system was a good solution for the rescue workers, and why or why not?

    HOMEWORK: Use annotation from articles (that answer the questions above) to fill out the chart on part 4 of lesson 3.1 in Amplify.

    Monday 10/15:

    Today we revised our Scientific Argument Writing (if needed) and resubmitted to raise our grade.  We then began Chapter 3: Harnessing Human Energy/Designing an Energy Solution. We only completed the warm up, so far.



    Friday 10/12:

    Today we viewed pictures from Mrs. Hudson's trip to Wahsington DC.  

    Homework: Please log in to Amplify 2.3-Scientific Argument Writing.  At the top of the screen you will see my comment and your score (score is also in PowerSchool).  If you did not receive a 5/5, you can revise to raise your grade.  If you received below a 4, you MUST revise.  IF you revise, please...

    Email me-in the email list-you NAME, period #, and "2.3 revised".


    Monday, you need to hand me a post-it note that says, "Name, period #, 2.3 revised".  I will fix your score. 

    This will be due by the end of class on Monday 10/15

    Thursday 10/11:

    Today we wrote a scientific arguement.  If not completed in class, this is due tomorrow.  There is help for the formatting of this assignment here:

    Scientific Argument Writing HELP


    • 2.3 Scientific Argument Writing
    • 2.3 Annotating the Article: Handcrank Flashlights (5 or more annotations)

    Wednesday 10/10:

    Today we had a study hall and a substitute teacher

    Tuesday 10/9:

    Today we caught up with where our substitute teachers left off.  We ensured that we were all able to complete section 2.2 homework. You do not need to go past this, we will resume section 2.3 on Thursday.  Tomorrow there will be a substitute teacher as Mrs. Hudson will be at an all day PBIS meeting.  We will be using the class period as a study hall and we will pick up where we left off, 2.3, on Thursday.

    HOMEWORK: Amplify 2.2

    • Read article: How We Store Energy Article
    • Have at least 5 annotations (more is okay)
    • Answer the two questions using evidence/information from the article
    • "Hand in"

    Friday 10/5-Monday 10/8:

    2.2-2.3 (substitute teacher, this entry to the webpage depends on how far you move through the lesson with the sub) You ONLY have HW due the next day IF your substitute teacher got to that point in the lesson.  If the HW was explained in class, EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T GET A CHANCE TO START/FINISH IT, it is due the next day we have Science class.  If the substitute teacher DID NOT get to the HW to explain it, then the HW is NOT due the next day we meet.  You have been told this in class and now you're being told here :)  No excuses!

    HOMEWORK 2.2- (attached below is the whole lesson, only fill out and return the pages you were unable to complete on your iPad.)

    Amplify 2.2

    Thursday 10/4:

    Today we finished section 2.1 and handed in our hw: 2.1-the reasoning tool, make sure to include a screenshot of your built system!

    HOMEWORK: 2.1- Where does energy come from?

    ("hand in" through Amplify, or click link below to print and hand in)

    Where does energy come from?

    Wednesday 10/3:

    Today we began chapter 2: The Rescure Team's Energy Needs of our unit Harnessing Human Energy.  We investigated claims about how objects get energy. We used a simulation to do this and filled in our reasoning tool.

    HOMEWORK 10/3- DUE THURSDAY 10/4 (at the end of class)

    Complete 2.1 Reasoning Tool ("hand in")

    2.1 Homework-Where does the energy come from? (Attached below to print and turn in, OR "hand in" through Amplify.

    2.1 Where Does Energy Come From?

    Tuesday 10/2: 

    Today we finished reading and annotating the article, Energy Inventions. We then chose two of our annotations to share with a partner.  If during the discussion we had our questions answered, or gained a deeper understanding of our question/comment/connection, we moved on.  If we still had unresolved questions, we presented these annotated ideas to the class during our class discussion.  This often brings up more questions, than it brings up answers, which leads us to independent research.  Want to know more, find out!  

    HOMEWORK: "Hand in" annotated article, through Amplify. 

    Monday 10/1:

    Today we read an article called, Energy Inventions. We used a technique called, Active Reading, to annotate (record our thinking) as we read the article.  We will continue this activity tomorrow.  Try to finish your annotations tonight, but there will be about ten minutes at the start of class to finish, on Tuesday. 

    HOMEWORK: Try and finish reading and annotating the article, Energy Inventions, attached below. 


    Friday 9/28:

    Today we had a catch up/study hall day.


    Thursday 9/27:

    Today we learned about the difference between kinetic and potential energy.  This was a review for many, and new information for some.  We completed section 1.3 of amplify (Unit: Harnessing Human Energy, Chapter 1, Section 1.3).  

    HOMEWORK 9/27: 1.3 Energy and the Rescue Team (you can complete this homework assignment on of you can print out and turn in the paper copy, linked below).

    1.3 HW

    Wednesday 9/26:

    Today we got back to Science!  We finished up part 1.2 of Chapter 1 in our Unit: Harnessing Human Energy.  We finished up/revised our "reasoning tool" which NEEDS to be "handed in", through

    HOMEWORK: 1.2 hw: Do these objects have energy? (link below-to print and hand it, OR complete online through Amplify)

    Do these objects have energy?

    Monday 9/24-Tuesday 9/25:

    For these two days, we are taking a break from Science to teach 2nd Step, our social/emotional curriculum.  This is happening across all three 6th grade science teams of classes, as students take their NWEA tests.


    Thursday 9/20-Friday 9/21:

    We spent these two days working through our ideas about energy.  We built and tested three systems to determine if they did or did not have/create energy.  We then ended by filling in the "Reasoning tool" as part of our effective scientific arguementation skills. 

    Homework (9/20-9/21): 

    Energy Reflection Print and complete, or log in to Amplify to complete and "hand in".

    Reasoning Tool (2.1): Log in to Ampify to complete and "hand in".

    Wednesday 9-19: 

    Today we continued our lesson while using the interactive app, "Making the Light Shine".  Our role as scientists on this mission is to help our rescue workers find a way to charge their electrical devices when the power is out.  Upon completion of this activity we then defined the word "system".  We then started our homework (not 1st period), 1.1-Reflecting on Energy worksheet. If you are able to log in to your Amplify account and work on/hand in the assignment, there, that's fine!  Otherwise, please turn in the paper copy.

    HOMEWORK 9-19:

    1.1 Reflecting on Energy

    Tuesday 9-18:

    Today we began our AMPLIFY Science curriculum! Our unit is: Harnessing Human Energy

    We started to discuss our unit question,

    "How is it possible to charge electrical devices when the power is out?"

    And our chapter question,

    "What is energy and why does it matter to the rescue team?" 

    This is based on a fictional video we watched, with fictional characters, based on REAL research and a real-world problem.  Through the fictional "energy research lab", WE will be the physical scientists on the mission to solve the problem!

    We discussed what comes to mind when hear the term "energy".  We then used our iPads with the Amplify Science Curriculum to sort obejts based on whether or not we thought they had/contained energy.  We held a discussion about our findings.  We then used an app within the curriculum on the iPad to begin an activity called "Make the Light Shine". In this activity we created systems of energy by building, running, and analyzing the input and output of energy in each system.

    We will finish this activity tomorrow.

    NO HOMEWORK 9-18

    Monday 9-17:

    Today we did a kahoot review of our classroom expectations and procedures.

    Homework: Any and all late work:


    Fortune Fish lab

    Behvavioral Contract

    Friday 9-14

    Today we did a classroom Scavenger Hunt!  This helped us to learn about the procedures and expectatiosn of the Science classroom, as well as what we can and cannot use and touch.  This activity cannot be made up at home.  Please see me during success if you need to make up this activity 


    Thursday 9-13

    Today we took a pre-test for the Properties of Matter and Chemical Reactions unit.  This test is ungraded and will be taken again at the end of the unit (also ungraded).  If you were absent today, you need to take this test ASAP. See me when you return.  Throughout this unit there will be graded assessments, but the pre and post test are not.

    HOMEWORK: Due Friday 9/14-Complete Fortune Fish lab activity booklet. (1st period, can have this due on Monday 9/17, as they did not have enough time to complete the activity in class).

    Also due: 

    Self-Survey (click to view/print) Due: 9/7

    Behavior Contract (due asap)(signed by you and your parents)

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