• Welcome to Mr. Downing's Math Class!


    Thanks for all the Pi day help - despite coronavirus, it was very successful!  Thanks!


    Check the link to the left, "elearning" for instructions of what to do March 30.  Remember, school is out this week, then out for Spring Break, but we come back virtually on March 30.


    KEYS FOR MODULE 4 REVIEW -KEY 1.      KEY 2.    KEY 3.



    Thinking blocks link: click here 


    For the homework calendar, click this link or click "Homework Calendar" on the left.  This is homework for ALL of the Titan core subjects.



    We are starting to use Prodigy, a game-based math program that helps meeting kids at their level of math.  We will still use our curriculum, but if kids need a little catch-up, prodigy can help, and if kids want to accelerate, Prodigy can help.  This can be used on ipads in class and at home.  Also, normal computers will run this as well.  

    They will go to www.prodigygame.com and then use the class codes below.  THEY NEED PARENT PERMISSION IF THEY HAVE NEVER USED PRODIGY BEFORE.  If you used it last year, you can use the same login, and if you are new, you can create a new account.


    1st hour: 200A33

    2nd hour: 4E4C8F

    5th hour: 85723D

    6th hour: 9427C5

    7th hour: 3C7F00

    We will also be using Khan Academy, a more focused program that helps kids meet their goals and raise test scores.  We will still use our curriculum, but if kids need a little catch-up or wants to get ahead, Khan can help.  Khan is a little less fun than Prodigy, but probably is better at raising scores.

    They will go to www.khanacademy.org/join  and then use the class codes below.  

    1st hour: FUD8KX6M

    2nd hour: F6AJQWV6

    5th hour: 5NX2D4WP

    6th hour: 8SNTMG2S

    7th hour: YUE9E9T4



    I am Mr. Downing and have been at Antioch for 30 years.  I taught 6th grade math for 8 years, then was the Director of Technology for 14. Missing the classroom, I came back 8 years ago and have been teaching 6th grade math ever since.  I want the kids to enjoy coming to class and learn how math is and has been used to make our world great! 

    Mr. Downing

    I know you will all have a great time on the TEAM TITANS!  We are looking forward to an exciting year.  All of the homework will be listed under my HOMEWORK CALENDAR link at the left. My TUTORIAL link gives access to tutorials for many of the topics that we will be covering.  



    Pi clue!









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