Science Homework

  • Please make sure you check this page if you are absent.

    This is Homework and/or a description of what we have done or are doing each day in class.  Files can also be found at the bottom of the page for most handouts. 

    Use this resource if you lose any of your handouts.


     Monday November 4 - Students will be making a Rock Cycle by hand.  They can use the internet for reference.  They should make their own version.  They have a handout with guidelines.  It is due on Wednesday.


    Tuesday 11/5/2019 - Students have a work day for their Rock Cycle.


    Wednesday 11/6/2019 - Rock cycles and questions on the Grade Sheet are due.  Students are also taking the pre-test for the Amplify Unit "Rock Transformations"  Lesson 1.1


    Thursday  11/7/2019 - Lesson 1.2


    Friday 11/8/2019 - Lesson 1.3