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    Video - Making a 3D snowflake



    Donald Duck in MathMagic Land


    The Great Math Mystery


    What do you say when your student says they are not good at math or that math is too hard? 

    Recent research supports the fact that learning math is less about being "good" at math and more about hard work.  Here are some videos that help us to better understand the importance of math, how learning math impacts our brain, and why we need to learn concepts even if we think we will never use them again.


    Neil deGrasse Tyson on how math and science make us better problem solvers and better prepared for the job market


    A Math Majors Words of Advice for Math Students:


    Welcome to 6th Grade Spartan Math!


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    1) Each of my class periods (1st Period, 2nd period, etc) has its own page. Just click the link on the left side of the page and it will take you to the appropriate class.

    2) Each day I will post some information about what we are doing in class as well as links to videos that your student may find helpful. You can also find videos listed by topic using the Homework Help Videos link to the left.

    3) Missing homework?  For worksheets, find the assignment on the calendar at the TOP of the page for your class period. If you forgot your workbook you can use the Eureka Workbook link on this page. Any Problem Set homework can be found there.  The page numbers will be different from the student workbook. Look for the correct lesson number.

    4) Some of the Eureka modules have a Homework Helper which shows completed examples of problems similar to those in the Problem Sets.  If a Homework Helper is a available, you can find in by choosing Eureka Homework Help on this page. 



    Forget your math homework????????

    If the math homework is a worksheet, check my calendar.  If the name of the worksheet is listed on today's date, you can click on the link and open the document and print it!