Hello D34 families, I hope the Summer is going well. If your child has an interest in running Cross Country when school starts any time is a good time to start, but the sooner the better. I am still hopeful we will be competing in whatever form that takes. For now if you want to start running here is a simple plan to get you going.

    1. Find out how far you can run now without stopping.

    2. If you are just starting off, run at a pace slow enough to go at least two miles; then build from there. Building involves mainly
             a. running shorter distances faster (800m to 1600m)
             b. Running farther without stopping (4 miles would be great, no more than 5)
             c. Combining those two things by tacking on the speed work at the end of the longer runs. (So run 2 miles and really push the last 800...or run 3 miles and run the last mile the fastest)

    3. There are lots of ways to build and mix it up. Start with 3 days a week. Add a day per week up to a maximum of 6 days, but 5 is fine. If you get to running every other day that is fine too. Alternate harder effort days with easier effort days.

    4. Stay hydrated. Try to avoid running in the middle of the day when it is hottest



    Please return in August for updates regarding sports 

    Electronic sign-ups are required for all athletes interested in trying out or participating in a no-cut sport.  The sign ups notify the office, nurse, and applicable coaches of an athletes intent to tryout or participate in an upcoming sport.  
    This allows the office time to verify any necessary paperwork and sports physicals prior to tryout dates or the first practice date.  Please click on the name of the sport below to link to the sign up page.

    AUGS Track and Field/Cross Country Uniforms

    The uniform for Track and Field and for Cross Country at AUGS is the same.  Green tops and Green shorts.  For several years now we have had this uniform and have tried to keep it consistent.  Due to manufacturers’ changes, the style has changed slightly.  If you have a Green uniform it is fine to wear. 

    It is possible to purchase a uniform in 6th grade and use it for all three years.  Athletes can purchase a new uniform at any time.  The cost of the uniform is now $30.  If only a new top or only new shorts are needed the cost is $15 per piece.  Uniforms from prior years from older siblings, neighbors or friends may also be worn as long as they are green.


    Please see the links on the below for additional information. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andrea Russell, Athletic Director at (847) 838-8350 or arussell@antioch34.com



    Click here to access the Parent-Student Athlete Handbook and other forms