• Public PowerSchool Parent Account Access/Login

    District 34 updated to the newest version of PowerSchool.  Within this update, PowerSchool increased their security and now some users are experiencing login issues.  If you are unable to sign in to PowerSchool, clear your history and delete saved passwords in the browser.  Please note this may erase your browsing history and saved passwords.  Then close the browser and sign in using your password.  The links below contain directions on how to do so.

    To Clear History in Chrome
    To Clear History in Firefox

    If you need further assistance, please contact the school office.
       Mary Kay McNeill Early Learning Center (847) 838-8901
       Oakland Elementary School (847) 838-8601
       Hillcrest Elementary School (847) 838-8001
       W.C. Petty Elementary School (847) 838-8101
       Antioch Upper Grade School (847) 838-8301