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    Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

    Welcome to my website! The 2020-2021 school year will be a challenging one and it will be my 13th year teaching Physical Education at AUGS. I coach Shot Put for the Track and Field team. I also coach Freshman Football at ACHS. In the past I have coached Varsity Football and Track at Mundelein High School and have coached various levels of Baseball at ACHS. 

    Ms. Strom and I co-teach 8th grade physical education on a daily basis. We are passionate about P.E. and strive to teach our students to be lifelong learners and movers! A physically educated person has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of activities and participates in regular physical activity. They value physical activity and it’s contribution to a healthy lifestyle, and they know the benefits from involvement in physical activities.  We want P.E. to be a positive and educational experience for everyone!

    If you have any specific questions or concerns, or information on how I can help you learn, please let me know.


    Remote Learning 2.0 

    Students will begin the year remotely. 8th Grade PE will be starting the year in Health

    Please join your class by clicking the link for your google classroom class below:

    1st period

    3rd Period

    4th Period

    5th Period

    8th Period




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