• Ms. Sigler
    7 Spartans Social Studies
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    January 14-18, 2019


    Monday- 1/14/18
    CNN 10 Student News
    Brain Pop on the French and Indian War
    Finish Map on the French and Indian War
    Work on Junior Scholastic #2

    Tuesday- 1/15/19
    CNN 10 Student News
    Finish Map and Junior Scholastic #2

    Wednesday- 1/16/19
    CNN 10 Student News
    Start American Revolution
    Read Chapter 6, Section 1
    Fill out Timeline

    Thursday- 1/17/19 
    CNN 10 Student News
    Read The Sugar Act- primary source
    Work on Worksheet #1

    Friday- 1/18/19
    CNN 10 Student News
    Add Stamp Act to your Timeline
    Political Cartoons Packet- Do Political Cartoon #1
    Finish Worksheet #1
    Work on Worksheet #2










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