• Updated: January 2022

    Dear AUGS Students and Families,

    With uncertainty of class resuming onsite and the cancellation of activities at Antioch Upper Grade School, as well restrictions of gatherings and interaction, we felt it necessary to modify the requirements of Distinguished Warrior as follows:


    Class of 2022 and 2023,

    • All requirements regarding GPA and behavior will remain the same.
    • Responsibility (Attendance) criteria will be minimized as we want students to attend school as much as possible while taking the proper precautions when they are not feeling well. We also many students were in quarintine.  
    • Volunteer hours will be reduced to 15 hours per year (45 total hours over three years).
      • Volunteer based on your family's comfort level and the available opportunities in the community. 
      • Volunteer suggestions
      • Read the AUGS Student and Family Newsletters for ideas and current initiatives at AUGS
      • Submit your volunteer hours by clicking here.  
      • If you have questions about possible activities, please email Mr. Koeune at jkoeune@antioch34.com
    • Involvement: Criteria is reduced to 4 activities for the class of 2022, 6 for the classes 2023 and 2024. Record your involvement by clicking here. Involvement ideas



    Joe Koeune
    Principal - AUGS




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