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    Hello Hillcrest Family,

    I hope this message finds you and your family healthy and well.  There is a resource available about Covid-19 on this page, which provides some factual information, in addtion to strategies to manage feelings of worry.  At this time, Open Arms Mission food pantry remains open, in addition to the resources provided by District 34, and the Antioch Traveling Closet.  If your family is in need of anything during this time, please reach out and we will do our best to find you the support you need. 

    During our remote learning 2.0, social work sessions will look a little different.  Google classrooms will be created for all of my social work students, which will provide a way for us to stay connected.  I will be "assigning" activities for each student to complete, during their regularly scheduled social work session. These activities may include journaling, practicing a relaxation strategy, or engaging in a family activity.

    Students - if you do not currently receive social work support, but you would like to reach out, please email me at I will be checking my emails every day and will do my best to support you!  Think of it as leaving me a note in my "Worry Monster"  :)  

    Parents - if you have any concerns during our remote learning, please do not hesitate to email me at


    Stay healthy, be safe, and remember we are in this together!

    Mrs. Leitza

    Hillcrest Social Worker







    Children should be Seen and Heard and Believed!

    School Social Work

    School Social Workers help students:

    • Achieve maximum academic benefit from their educational opportunities
    • Understand themselves and others
    • Develop self-control and take responsibility for their actions
    • Cope with Stress
    • Develop decision-making skills

    School Social Workers help parents:

    • Participate effectively in their child's education
    • Better understand and meet their children's social and emotional needs
    • Better understand and utilize school and community resources

    School Social Workers help schools:

    • Understand factors that affect student's abilities to allow for maximum use of their school experience
    • Access community resources
    • Improve school climate through development of school policies and a wide range of prevention and intervention programs

    School Social Workers help communities:

    • Understand school policies, programs, and practices
    • Minimize environmental factors which inhibit learning
    • Develop resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families

    Contributed by Illinois Association of School Social Workers (IASSW)