Coming Soon!!!  Beginning Band, Fall of 2024!

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    Beginning Band in D34 is open to any 4th or 5th grade student new to band.  Students will be fitted with a band instrument guided by one of our band teachers. 

    Students learn the basics of the instrument they choose in small group lessons during the school day.  In addition to in-school lessons, we then come together once a week before school at AUGS (our middle school in D34) for larger group instruction.  After Thanksgiving break, we will come together before school twice a week for full band rehearsal.  There is district transportation provided to rehearsal or parents can drop their child off as well.  After rehearsal, WC Petty students are escorted over to WC Petty.  Hillcrest and Oakland band students are transferred back to their home school after rehearsal via a district transfer bus.

    We have two formal concerts a year and we also perform at Field Day at the end of the year.

    SAVE THE DATE! We have our Beginning Band Parent Night on Monday, August 26th, 2024.  Instrument fitting nights will be on Tuesday, August 27th and Wednesday, August 28th by appointment.

    We offer these instruments in the Beginning Band: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Baritone, Tuba and Percussion (xylophone to start).

    This video shares a little bit about each instrument. 

    United States Army Field Band:

    Introduction 0:01

    Flute 0:17

    Clarinet 3:23

    Saxophone 5:31

    Trumpet 8:27

    Trombone 12:48

    Baritone (or euphonium) 15:17

    Tuba 17:09

    Percussion (we spend the 1st semester learning xylophone) 18:44


    Please reach out to one of the elementary band teachers if you have questions about our band program for your 3rd grader, soon to be 4th grader.

    Carrie Mack: cmack@antioch34.com (Oakland and Hillcrest)

    Chris Bajek: cbajek@antioch34.com (WC Petty)