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Carrie Mack - Band Director



    It's Back to Band Time!

    Beginning Band - In School Lessons are starting the week of 9/9

    Before school band at AUGS starts on:

    • Wednesday, 9/18 for Brass and Percussion
    • Friday, 9/20 for Woodwinds
    • Monday Percussion starts for ALL Percussionists on Monday. 9/23

    Call the transportation office to find location and time of AUGS early route pick up at 847-838-8388.


    5th Grade Band - Before School Band for 5th Grade Band is on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school year.  Mondays ALL percussion students attend before school band.

    First Performance: ACHS Homecoming Parade - Thursday, Oct 24th


    Music Makes You Smarter!


    How playing a musical instrument benefits your brain!



















    Word of Caution!


    If you are looking to purchase a NEW instrument for your child PLEASE do NOT buy anything for under $500.  Our advice is to check with the band directors before purchasing.  There are inferior brands out there that will not be repairable once they are in need of service.  What looks like a bargain now will cost more in the long run.