• Antioch Upper Grade School

    School Security

    General Information

    Antioch Upper Grade School and District 34 use PowerSchool and SwiftK12 to send out communications to our families. Please take a moment to check your email notification preferences in PowerSchool for school communications.  To receive communications and alerts, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOUR INFORMATION ON POWERSCHOOL IS ACCURATE AND CURRENT. ALL parents should have their own PowerSchool account. If you do not have a PowerSchool account and need information on how to create an account, please contact the AUGS main office at (847) 838-8301.

    Safety Drill Procedures and Conduct

    Safety drills will occur at times established by the school board. Students are required to be silent and shall comply with the directives of school officials during emergency drills. There will be a minimum of three (3) evacuation drills, a minimum of one (1) severe weather (shelter-in-place) drill, a minimum of one (1) law enforcement drill to address an active shooter incident, and a minimum of one (1) bus evacuation drill each school year. There may be other drills at the direction of the administration. Drills will not be preceded by a warning to the students.

    ALICE Training

    ALICE empowers unarmed people collectively to save more lives during any violent attack — terrorist attacks, active shooter events, and violence. Rather than waiting passively for the police to arrive, ALICE empowers people. This is achieved by cultivating a survival mindset and instilling confidence in how skills already known can have a great impact on increasing survival with ALICE proactive, options-based training. These ALICE protocols transfer the power from the attacker to the victims and turn everyday actions into life-saving measures. The district's goal is to have every employee ALICE trained as soon as possible. AUGS also has ALICE certified trainers on staff. For more information regarding ALICE training, click here, to view their website.

    Video and Audio Monitoring Systems

    Video and audio monitoring systems are used on school buses. A video monitoring system is used in public areas of the school building, both inside and outside of the building. These systems have been put in place to protect students, staff, visitors and school property. If a discipline problem is captured on audiotape/videotape, these recordings may be used as the basis for imposing student discipline. If criminal actions are recorded, a copy of the tape may be provided to law enforcement personnel.


    Antioch Upper Grade School and District 34 uses the Navigate360 emergency management suite (EMS) to keep students and staff safe during drills and on-campus incidents.  Navigate360 is a cloud-based EMS which provides safety information to schools and is accessible through mobile devices as well. For more information about Navigate360, click here, to view their website.

    Health Life Safety

    The Illinois Administrative Code and the School Code of Illinois require that the Regional Offices of Education regularly visit schools for Health/Life Safety inspections and to ascertain the degree to which schools comply with the State of Illinois operational requirements.  For more information about HLS requirements, click hereAs part of the accreditation process for state recognition, the Lake County Regional Office visits all of the Lake County School district each year. They review policies, programs for accountability and personnel files. Licensed personnel and paraprofessional files are thoroughly examined to determine if all appropriate documentation as described in school code is present and up to date. In addition, all licensed staff assignments are examined to determine if the staff members have the proper credentials and qualifications to teach in the assigned areas. Financial records, school board minutes, policies, and procedures are reviewed to verify that the schools are in alignment and in “compliance” with various school codes tested each year.  For more information about compliance, click here.

    Internet Safety

    Antioch Upper Grade School and District 34 employ a web filter program called Securly. Securly is a cloud-based web filter designed specifically for schools, which helps keep students safe with powerful features that make school safer. Securly allows visibility into student online activity, it can download or email reports, and block inappropriate sites instantly.  For more information about Securly, click here, to view their website.