• Wellness in Action
    Antioch 34 supports Wellness at School.  The District Wellness Committee has Board, Community, and School Representatives.  It was commissioned to establish annual goals and support school wellness with tools to monitor progress toward those goals. A Wellness Policy promotes healthy eating, an active lifestyle, nutrition education, and emotional wellness.  Families can partner in creating healthier lifestyles for their children at home and at school by offering fresh fruits and vegetables for classroom snacks and celebrations.  They can participate in the school lunch program or prepare healthy foods for sack lunch.  They can help their children learn about portion control and the major food groups.  Check with your child's school principal to learn about foods that may not be provided or sold for school sponsored events.  Encourage your child to participate in school sports and physical activity.
    Wellness Goals
    Wellness Education is promoted through the physical education curriculum, in Health, and through a host of activities and events at school.
    The District Wellness Committee meets throughout the school year to set annual goals, evaluate activities, and identify ways to promote health and wellness for staff and students.
    The Food Service Department is making continuous improvements.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are served daily.  Lunches served at school meet the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans and one-third of recommended daily allowance of protein, vitamins A and C, and iron.  Calorie, fat, and sodium content are controlled to be age appropriate.  All food groups offered are child-friendly and prepared to provide the nutrients children need.
    Teachers and staff are committed to helping children lead healthier lives. Foods and beverages will not be used as a student reward. D34 Healthy Snack Policy
    Our Wellness Policy provides a framework for healthy living.  It promotes planning, portion control, nutrition, and an interest in physical activities that are all part of a healthy lifestyle.
    Antioch District 34 School Wellness Contacts
    Oakland Elementary:  Lori Johnson, ljohnson@antioch34.com
    Antioch Upper Grade: Dona Tindell, dtindell@antioch34.com
    Hillcrest Elementary: Holly Kaprosy, hkaprosy@antioch34.com
    Mary Kay McNeill Early Learning Center: Kim Cryder, kcryder@antioch34.com
    WC Petty Elementary: Erika Bender, ebender@antioch34.com
    Director of Teaching & Learning: Kristina Guntharp, kguntharp@antioch34.com
    Board of Education Representatives: Angela Baronello , abaronello@antioch34.com
    Wellness Meetings
    If you would like to serve on the Wellness Committee, please contact District Office. Your name will be added to the email list of members and you will be notified of scheduled meetings.  The committee meets twice a year; in the Fall and Spring, and is a volunteer committee.

    2023 Empower Health Wellness Screening and/or Flu Vaccination

    2023 D34 Trillium Yoga Event: WCP Elementary School GYM, TH. Oct. 19th (4:15pm-5:15pm)

    JANUARY 2023 HEALTHY HABITS CHECK LIST Click here to make a copy of the Wellness Check List for you to keep track of your healthy habits activities: Jan. 9-Feb. 3. Have Fun!

    FEB 2023 D34 Trillium Yoga Event: WC Petty Elementary School, Fri. Feb. 3 (3:15pm-4:15pm)

    FEB-APR 2023 Random Act of Kindness Cards to ALL District Staff

    D34 Spring Fun Run or Walk (2 miles): Hillcrest Elementary School, Wed. May 10, 4:15pm start time. Come join us!

     Triennial Assessment 2022