Let's get running!


    Mr. Brito

    Physical Education



    Mr. Matt Kok and I work together to provide a supportive and exciting Physical Education program for all students.  We will be teaching according to the Illinois Learner Standards for Physical Education. It is our goal to help your child develop the skills and knowledge to be physically active and lead healthy lives. Specifically, your child will:

    • Respect self and others, as well as the equipment and learning environment.
    • Develop, demonstrate, and understand fundamental movement skills and health-related fitness components.
    • Use a combination of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills to create and problem solve.
    • Use and enjoy physical activity outside of the classroom.

    Your child’s progress will be assessed through daily behavior, effort/participation, and performance. 

     The Behavior standard is based on the following:

    • Effectively demonstrates respectful and safe behavior (cooperation, sportsmanship, following directions)

    The Effort/Participation standard is based on the following:

    • Demonstrates a positive attitude toward physical activity through participation (prepared for class, put forth effort, stay on task)

    The Performance standard is based on the following:

    • Appropriately demonstrates physical education concepts in a variety of ways

    We ask that your child either wear gym shoes to school or leave an extra pair of gym shoes at school for physical education class.  Being prepared for class and participating in a safe manner is part of the participation standard.

    Lastly, according to our district handbook, any student that is not able to fully participate in physical education class needs to bring a parent note from home EACH day the student is not fully participating.  A parent note will only be accepted for two consecutive days if stated so in the note.  After two days a note is required from your physician stating limitations and when the student is allowed full participation again.  Students not fully participating in P.E. class will be allowed to get fresh air and socialize at recess, but not participate in physical activities.  This communication between physicians, parents, school nurses, and teachers helps us to keep all students safe at Hillcrest School.   


    PE Brito Monday-Friday
    8:40AM-9:10AM Reed 5D
    9:10AM-9:40AM Reagle 5E
    9:40AM-10:10AM Owens/Carey 1AB
    10:10AM-10:40AM Andrew 1C
    10:40AM-11:10AM Kalmus 3A/Brancato 3B
    11:10AM-11:40AM Plan


    12:20PM-12:50PM Slosar/Figueroa 4AB
    12:50PM-1:20PM Plan
    1:20PM-1:50PM Obrochta KB
    1:50PM-2:20PM Dati KE
    2:20PM-2:50PM Jones/Celis 2AB
    2:50PM-3:20PM Cheek 2E

    Collab time / PD