• 8th Grade U.S. History

    Mr. Tim Klobe

    My name is Mr. Klobe, and I will be teaching US History in your final year at AUGS.  I’m uber excited to get to know each of you better as we progress through this year!

    This year should be a fun ride through US History spanning from the end of the Civil War all the way through September 11th.  We will use interactive games/activities, Document Based Questions (DBQs), multimedia projects, Socratic Seminars among other things throughout the year to learn all about the story of the U.S.

    About Me:  Originally from St. Louis, MO, my wife and I along with our son moved to Lake County in 2019.  Teaching wasn’t the original career path I thought I would take, but after working as a TV sports anchor it became abundantly clear that my heart was in teaching.

    I’ve taught at the university and junior college level as well as high school before joining AUGS at the start of the ‘20-’21 school year.

    U.S. History has always been a passion of mine for about as long as I can remember hearing stories about World War II from my grandfathers and great uncles.  In my opinion, it is impossible to know where you can go without knowing and learning from where you have been as not only people, but also as a society. Through the good and not so good things in our past, we can truly envision a more fair and equitable future for all. 

    The skills needed to help our society achieve this goal are paramount to what we do in 8th Grade Social Studies; critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and the ability to communicate effectively.  It is incredibly important to me that all my students are able to hone these skills in a positive, safe and fun atmosphere.

    If you have any specific questions or concerns, or information on how I can help you learn, please let me know.


Mr. Klobe enjoying the Jelly Belly Factory Tour