• Our Freckle class code is f3nb6z

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  • Our Epic class code if you choose to make a home account is ear9548

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  • My Contact Information

    Email is preferred: janderson3@antioch34.com

    847-838-8660 is my direct line

    Please allow 24-48 hours for a return phone call

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  • Behavior Systems

     We are a PBIS school which is a school wide positive behavior system. Also in the classroom I use a stick system. Each student is given 3 sticks and a star at the start of each day. Each time they need a reminder to make good and safe choices, to be respectful, responsible or safe, they will have to give a stick and if they are out of sticks they will have to give up their star. They save up their stars and can spend them on prizes. If they keep all their sticks for that day then they will get to pick a card which will tell them what they have earned. Some examples of that would be a free homework pass, lunch with the teacher, an extra star, first choice of seating, working with a friend, sitting by a friend, etc. As a whole class they can also earn a "party" of some kind. Some examples of that would be a popcorn party, a movie, a PJ day, a special theme day, etc. 

  • Homework

    Homework will be Monday-Thursday. It will consist of something we are working on in class, something they need more practice with or a project that may be due along with nightly reading. They may also get homework from their regular education classes. I try not to overload students or parents with homework, so whatever is sent home, please complete. If homework is not completed they will lose a stick automatically for not being responsible.