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Degrees and Certifications:

Masters: MA in Teaching Masters: Education Leadership K-12 Grade Administrative Certificate Computer Applications, PLTW AR ELA, Science Endorsements Bachelor's Degree : University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Master's Degree: Aurora University, Illinois

Ms. Cruz

The Zoom Meeting link is always located on the Google Classroom website. We will meet virtually every school day for instruction through Zoom. 

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Remote Learning Schedule (class meeting times are listed on Google Classroom)


Requirements: Students are required to have a computer device, internet, connection to Wi-Fi, external earbuds or headset with microphone for this course. Please also have a notebook for this course to take notes regularly. 


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(Encore Courses offered 2020-2021)


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  • Zoom not working, it may be that the teacher has not started the meeting yet. If students are early they may have to wait for the teacher. They may not be done with one class and the next class will have to wait until all students are dismissed.

    Students may have to be patient. If you are experiencing a problem with Zoom, please log in using the Google Meets link at the top of our Google Classroom. It is the video camera icon. Join the same Zoom meeting for teacher office hours between 1:00 and 2:00 pm every day. Please let the teacher know if you will need one-to-one assistance on classwork. The teacher can meet with you to explain how to go through step-by-step instruction on all assignments and projects. 


    Ms. Cruz



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  • Updates to families, please encourage them to keep their iPads plugged in and ON overnight – our Mobile Device Management (MDM) is set to push any updates that occur automatically at 10:00pm every night (only if there is an app update).

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  • To ask a question or comment to Ms. Cruz please email or post it on the Google Classroom Website.


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  • Encore Course Descriptions:  


    Students will explore different digital applications while focusing on the concepts of digital citizenship and safety with engaging and empowering activities on the computer. The knowledge shared will help students become more efficient, respectful and responsible users of technology. Students will also participate in daily keyboarding activities practicing accuracy and speed with an online account. 


    7th Grade: Computer Applications

    This course will develop multimedia skills by introducing them to a variety of digital tools. Students will learn about blogs, podcasts, and web design. The focus is on building visual literacy skills and applying those skills to digital presentations. Students will be developing an electronic portfolio along with creating projects with video production tools.  


    8th Grade: PLTW/Robotics 

    Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, coding, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics® platform to design, build, and program real-world objects. This is a course in the series of PLTW (Project Lead The Way) The class covers engineering concepts, coding, robotics and their use in the world, programming and hands on work. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)



    • Internet Safety and Ethics
    • Explore how to be safe on the internet, understand cyberbullying and its consequences
    • Digital Citizenship, Respect the rights of copyright owners, Treat others with respect online


    • Define and use computer related terminology


    • Online free applications provided by the district through a student log in system
    • Google Drive Applications for individual assignments, group projects, and communication


    • Explain the purpose of a word processor 
    • Manipulate text (insert, delete, align, change fonts, style, size, color)
    • Create, add and alter graphics 
    • Edit documents (thesaurus function and spell check) 
    • Change document layout (margin, page orientation, spacing, blank lines)
    • Use a variety of graphic tools 
    • Compose a word processing document 


    • Identify the purpose and uses of presentation software 
    • Demonstrate understanding of the tools of software programs and their uses
    • Demonstrate understanding of modification of background appearance 
    • Import and edit graphics (resize and move)
    • Demonstrate understanding of text fields 
    • Add movies and sounds to projects 
    • Create a project and save it 
    • Present work to the class


    • Learn how to gather and report information that contains or is related to a specific topic
    • How to avoid plagiarism and how to put the sources in the appropriate format


    • Develop and implement various sets of instructions
    • Learn how to instruct a computer to do a certain task

    PLTW/STEM Robotics

    • Automation and Robotics 
    • Engineering 
    • Mechanical Systems 
    • Design Process
    • Automated Systems