Social Work Services

  • District 34 is fortunate to have full time social workers in each building. Social workers are available to help students with any social and emotional problems that might hinder a child’s ability to learn. Social Workers regularly run a number of small groups to help students that are having a difficult time adjusting for a variety of reasons. Each group is designed to follow a research based intervention strategy. The specific skills and curriculum your child is learning is based upon his or her individual needs.


    School Social Workers are also available to help children and parents on an individual basis for a variety of reasons. For example, some students may be fearful of leaving their homes and attending school. Our Social Workers can help children and their parents through this transition. Social Workers may also be helpful if a child experiences a death in the family or other traumatic event.

    To promote a relationship with the students, confidentiality is stressed. The contact with students is not considered therapy, rather a place for the student to participate in structured activities that assist with the learning of important coping skills. Our ultimate goal is to enable the student to perform to his or her best potential in school.