• 4th Grade - (K, E, D, J, A) - 

    Hi friends! I've uploaded from our Language for Writing workbook. First of all... Don't Stress! You are fine. As I always ask of you, just do your best.

    I would like our goal to be to complete Assessment 10 in Language for Writing as we had been talking about. Then I uploaded workbook pages leading to our next unit assessment which we'll complete when we return to school. 

    Language for Writing - Assessment 10 - You should be able to upload this assessment on your iPad and edit on it to complete. Once completed, please save a copy. You should be able to airdrop it to me, or email a copy (kallen@antioch34.com). Or if you have another way for me to see it, please share that way. I'll get it from you!

    Language for Writing Workbook Lessons 100-111 - Next I would like you to start the workbook pages for our next unit (Lessons 100-111. New learning starts in Lesson 105 - Discovering/Writing then Following a rule. Study the table and figure out what the rule should be (something like: Write a letter). Write the rule at the top of the first column, then second column (Draw a triange above the letter), then third column (Draw a line under the letter). Write as few words as possible! All other activities are continued practice of what we've been doing in our classroom.

    If you need a brain break, below are the last few lessons from our Reading Comprehension Journals. Simply upload the image(s) to your iPads, get them into edit mode, complete the lesson and if possible, send back to me. 

    Week 32 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 33 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 34 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 35 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Again, stay positive! You can do this! If you don't finish everything before we return to school, we'll go over it when we get back.