• 3rd Grade - (A, S, J, P, RC) -

    Hey everyone! We've been working in Language for Writing. I'd like you to complete Assessment 6. These are topics we've reviewed numerous times. You should be able to upload the pages to your iPad, get the image in edit mode, complete the tasks, then save a copy. I'm trying to set us up in Google Classroom. You should be able to download a copy of completed work to there. I will let you know when it's ready. 

    Language for Writing - Assessment 6

    When you have finished Assessment 6, you can work on the workbook lessons leading to our next assessment. We've already completed some of these, but this will still be good review in preparation for Assessment 7. Again, upload the image and put it into edit mode. Have fun! Pretend you're writing on the board. 

    Language for Writing - Wkbk. Lessons 61-70

    I've also uploaded the remaining lessons from our Reading Comprehension Journals. You should be familiar with the format. These can be a fun learning activity!

    1) Upload the lesson on your iPad

    2) Get the image into Edit mode

    3) Read the passage

    4) Respond to the prompts as they are written for each day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). Do your best and have fun!  

    Week 30 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 31 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 32 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 33 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 34 - Reading Comprehension Journal

    Week 35 - Reading Comprehension Journal

            If you can, download the images back to me. Otherwise we'll review these lessons when we get back to school. 

     Remember: Have fun with all this! We are set up in Google classroom but you can also email me with questions (kallen@antioch34.com)