• Kindergarten (Hillcrest and Petty) - 

    This year we have been trying a new program called Language Power with my Kindergarten students. There is a book to read then workbook activities. The books contain many high-frequency words your child should be familiar with. You may need to help him/her with other words in the text. A list of all words is inside the front cover of each book.  

    You can upload worksheets to your child's iPad and edit them. For cut-out activities, your child can simply draw a line from the picture to the space it belongs on the page.

    As you work with your child on the writing activities, help him/her focus on letter formation and recognition of high-frequency words. Encourage him/her to "sound out" unfamiliar words.

    As you begin these activities, the student should read the book and then complete one or two activity pages. When you go back to the activity, reread the book, then do another one or two pages. Keep it simple and fun! Once completed, save the work and send back to me. You can also print the worksheets if that's easier. 

    Our Favorites -        Our Favorites       Activity Sheets

    Fun in the Sun -      Fun in the Sun      Activity Sheets

    Games are Fun -     Games are Fun      Activity Sheets

    Party Time -            Party Time            Activity Sheets

    Use Your Brain -     Use Your Brain      Activity Sheets



    Kindergartners learn to count to 100 by 1's and by 10's, but I also encourage them to learn to count by 5's too. Here is a number chart to 100 and a few counting activities.

    Hundreds chart

    Hundreds Chart - fill in the missing numbers!

    5's - Skip-count by 5 number line   Skip-count by 5 caterpillar   Skip-count by 5 mouse

    10's - Caterpillar   Skip-count by 10 rocket   Dot-to-dot pig