• Fun Online English Language Games and Activities: 



    These games can be tricky! They don't give directions so it will take some figuring out.

    I'm in the process of actually playing each game. Email/google classroom/Seesaw me if any questions.

    There is no need to pick out a grade level for this site. If you choose a grade level, it will send you to another website.



     Short stories to read on many, many different topics. 



    The link above will take you to a BBC Learning English - Stories for Children. You can listen to the stories or read along with the transcript included. There are also practice activities you can download. This site is based out of England so the reader has an English accent.

    If you like animals, read Nell's Books. It's a cute story!



    BrainPop is an app that many of our classroom teachers use. The link I have shared above talks about Idioms, which are figurative expressions. One example of an idiom is "Don't let the cat out of the bag!" This means to not tell someone something you want to keep secret. Have fun with this!