• Calm Connect!

    **One resource I would like to highlight and strongly recommend using at home is a great program called Calm Connect.

    This interactive video series was previously called MeMoves. The company has extended our school district subscriptions for FREE to offer to families at home during the school year!

    Simply, email me. I will provide you with the district account username and password to login. Select a video and have your student imitate the actions on the screen.

    Calm Connect: https://prio-health.com/calmconnect/


    Calm Connect is a fantastic program designed by occupational therapists to lower anxiety and stress. This activity is most effective to use daily as a routine, during times of transition (switching from high energy such as playing outside to needing to come back inside) or prior to needing to focus. While it may seem unnatural the first time, this is a great activity to try consistently for several days in a row before deciding if it was helpful or not. The most benefits occur when lights are dimmed and everyone in the room quietly listens to the music and follows along. Students are encouraged to participate as little or as much as they are able (added bonus are some coordination activities). **

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