• Other Ideas

    Make flashcards of all their star words

    Write every day

    • Simple sentences ( I see a dog.)
    • We have talked about adjectives and how using describing words makes our sentences even better ( I see a brown dog. It is big. It can lick me. I like dogs.)
    • We have been doing a great job on our writing…so please practice this every day. They should know to start each sentence with an uppercase letter, leave space between their words and end with a period. I know it may be harsh…but if they do not leave the correct spacing they should recopy it.
    • Practice makes perfect. If they struggle, you can write it and they can copy it. I want it to be a positive experience BUT I also don’t want them to trick you into thinking that they can’t do it. 
    • Remind your child to use details in their writing.
      • I see_________.
      • It is _________.
      • It is _________.
      • It can ________.
      • I like _________.