• These are some ideas of how to help utilize the apps on your child’s IPad.

    • The apps on your child’s IPad that we use every day are Lexia and ST Math.

    ST Math your child will have to put in their password.

    Lexia your child’s password and username is saved on their device. DO NOT type in their name. Simply click on student and their info will pop up on the gray bar. They do this every day at school so they should know what to do. Do not try to type in a user name and password…these are already stored in their IPad.

    Khan Academy is a great app. We have not been able to do much on it so explore and have fun. It is an incredible app with lots of great skills covered!

    Letter Quiz is a great app to practice letters, sounds and how to write each letter. I love this app!! You can’t practice printing enough!!!

    Doodle Buddy is a fun, coloring app. This would be a great app to have your child write our star words every day. Also have them write word families. Remind them that word families rhyme. Word families are like… at family… bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat. Just to be fancy please know that I have taught the kids how to put words into abc order. These are good skills to review and practice at home. J Make sure you act incredibly impressed with how smart they are!!!

    Starfall is a great app to practice so many reading, phonics and math skills. Let them play and explore. The songs are fun but try to encourage them to do more than that.

    Number Rack is a good way to practice adding groups on an abacus. You can have them write number sentences to math what they are showing on their abacus. Remember part plus part equals the whole.

    Raz A – Z  is a great app with leveled reading books. The kids should listen to a book, then read the book and then take a short quiz about details from the story. These books can be read again and again. I try to encourage them to read with good fluency (I don’t want them to sound like a robot. I want them to read and try to sound like they talk.)

    Number Frames is another way to practice adding, subtracting, writing number sentences. Think outside the box and just help them practice counting and writing number sentences. Make it fun!!!