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  • Troubleshooting your iPad
    While many of the apps and websites we use are experiencing some difficulties due to the huge influx of users, there are times when the issue is with the iPad. Here are some things to try if these issues occur.

    1. Close all of the open apps. Too many open apps can lead to lagging and things not working. 
    2. Restart the iPad. This often helps. 
    3. If the site utilizes a Google login, the user may need to sign out of Google and then login again. Even if it appears the user is already logged in, Google’s security measures have logged the user out.
    4. Clear the history and the cache. It’s kind of like cleaning out a backpack. Sometimes there is so much stuff in the backpack , it needs to be completely cleaned out. 
      1. Safari – on the iPad, go to Settings/Safari/Clear History and Website Data. 
      2. Google Chrome – In the upper right corner of the browser page, there are three dots. Click on the three dots. Click on History and Clear Browsing Data. 

    Updating Apps
    If apps are not updating, please try this:

    • Tap Settings
    • Tap Wi-Fi
    • Tap the home network that the iPad is connected to
    • Tap Forget This Network
    • Restart the iPad
    • Then rejoin the home Wi-Fi

    Battery Life

    • Make sure you are using the district-issued 12V charging brick with accompanying lightning cable.
      Third party charges are unstable and may not charge properly.  The iPhone small square outlet charger will not work with the iPad.
    • If the battery is not holding a charge, please plug it into a charger and let it fully charge.  The next day, use it until battery life is 0%.  Plug it into a charger again and give it a full charge.
    • Video conference apps put heavy strain on the iPad battery.  It is recommended to be plugged into an outlet while engaging in synchronous learning.

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