• ¡Hola, chicos y chicas! We will begin the 2020-2021 school year with Remote Learning (calling it Remote Learning 2.0). Please look at the appropriate grade level tab on the left to see what we will be learning. All of your assignments are graded so please do your best work. I care about you and your education! :-)



    Mrs. Gutke’s Remote Learning Expectations and Directions

    • The due date of the assignment will be posted with the assignment.  Most assignments are due the same day they are assigned. 
    • Please stick to academic honesty guidelines.  Do the work on your own, using your notes unless it says something different (quizzes, interpersonal assessments, etc).  I want to know what YOU can do, not what you can do with looking things up online or getting answers from others. Turning in plagiarized work may result in no credit as the work is not your own.
    • Some assignments may give you the option to work with a partner: you can do this by calling, facetiming, etc. This does not mean you need to be with that person to do the assignment. 


    Google Classroom: 

    - If you have any issues connecting to our class please email me directly: cgutke@antioch34.com