• Please enroll in my E-Learning classes.  Go on GoogleClassroom, and click on the "Plus" symbol in the upper right hand corner.  Then select "Join Class".  Each class has a different code, please type in the code for your assigned classes.  If you have any issues, please let me know, jsadur@antioch34.com.


    Period 2:        nzayzxx

    Period 3:        ynnfdeo

    Period 6:        itbasne

    Period 7:        tx4pa5g

    Period 8:        pmbhfl2


    Hello AUGS students and families.  I wanted to start out by saying that I am here for you. If you need anything, please email me, because I am not at school, I have limited access to my voicemail.  My email address is jsadur@antioch34.com.

    I know a lot of you are wondering how e-learning is going to look like for math class.  Everyday I will be posting a lesson on GoogleClassroom.  The lessons on GoogleClassroom will be filmed and with sound, so please make sure you have your volume up.  I will post a copy of the filled in Guided Notes online.  I will also post the homework and any tasks that the lessons require.  The homework and tasks are uploaded as PDF's on GoogleClassroom.  To complete your homework you can print it out, upload it to Good Notes and save it there, or do it on a seperate sheet of paper.  The next day, I will post the answer key to the previous day's homework.  

    *Although we have been using Otus in class, for this E-Learning experience I am going to use GoogleClassroom because most of you are familiar with it and have been using it for years.

    Thank you for your valuable time and support,
    Ms. Sadur